Traducción de gene therapy en Español:

gene therapy

terapia génica, n.


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    terapia génica femenino
    • In laboratory studies, this type of gene therapy has proved almost completely effective.
    • Another possibility would be to do gene therapy to stem cells that are capable of becoming liver cells.
    • The notion of gene therapy the ‘overpowering’ of a defective gene with a correct copy is beguilingly simple.
    • RNA is also taking a place in the areas of gene therapy and genetic engineering.
    • New cell selection strategies look likely to improve the success of gene therapy for blood disorders.
    • At present, gene therapy is being contemplated for both genetic and acquired diseases.
    • In the near future gene therapy may allow genes important in healing to be delivered directly into a wound.
    • The major problems with gene therapy relate to the delivery of new genetic instructions to the appropriate body targets.
    • The most logical approach to gene therapy is the correction of a single gene defect, which causes the disease phenotype.
    • A US donor was finally located at the same time that gene therapy became available.
    • No treatments for these disorders now exist although gene therapy may be a future possibility.
    • In the long run, I fully expect gene therapy and antisense to fix what can be fixed at the genomic level.
    • In the US, gene therapy is currently only being tested for the treatment of diseases that have no other cures.
    • Scientists hope that these unlucky fish will help them develop drug treatments and gene therapy for leukaemia.
    • It makes sense to use gene therapy to program stem cells to produce the exact growth factors needed for each purpose.
    • The biggest benefits for health and longevity will come from cell therapy and gene therapy.
    • Many people believe that gene therapy and genetic screening of embryos is dangerous.
    • Is gene therapy, the medical use of genes to repair an illness or injury, acceptable for Olympic athletes?
    • The reader is brought up to date on the status of gene therapy for platelet disorders in part VIII.
    • As lung damage is the major cause of illness and death in cystic fibrosis, initially, gene therapy is focusing on delivering genes to the lungs.