Traducción de general election en Español:

general election

elecciones generales, n.


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    elecciones generales femenino
    • In the past the Liberals had made breakthroughs at by-elections and in gaining a large number of votes in general elections.
    • In each of the last two cycles, stability prevailed, with only six House incumbents losing general elections.
    • Moreover, new members are now eligible to be nominated to run in general elections or party polls instead of having to wait for between two to five years.
    • It was a first for pictures to be placed on the ballot papers in a general election.
    • Up to 7 million people have applied for a postal vote for the coming general election.
    • Presidential general elections and primary elections need not be an instantaneous public interest poll.
    • It has superintended two general elections, two municipal elections and numerous by-elections.
    • This restored the initiative to the Liberals and enabled them to retain their working-class vote in two general elections in 1910.
    • A record number of people are expected to cast postal votes in the May general election.
    • These people also have the right to vote in Irish general elections.
    • The ruling comes as record numbers of electors are applying for postal votes ahead of the general election.
    • It was agreed that the next presidential election would be a general election.
    • In the UK this is achieved, for example, by the right to vote in general elections to parliament, which must take place at least once in every five years.
    • Weeks of political campaigning comes to an end today as voters across the country go to the polls in the general election.
    • Following the April general elections, three election petitions were filed in the Supreme Court here.
    • Anyone who votes for this act should not deserve our votes in the general election.
    • Now we are likely to be saddled with not only a presidential election, but a general election as well.
    • Some residents lost their identity documents which they will need to cast their votes in the upcoming general elections.
    • The people who did not vote at the general election last year are not apathetic.
    • This is his home town, and it will become part of his constituency at the next general election.