Traducción de genesis en Español:


génesis, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɛnɪsɪs//ˈdʒɛnəsəs/


  • 1formal

    génesis femenino formal
    origen masculino
    • The genesis for this book was a desire to grasp the nature of religious belief.
    • Since we know that the genesis of the story was the treasure map, can we attack the problem from this direction?
    • This mistake was the genesis of all the sorry tale that was to follow.
    • In fact, the genesis of this issue lies in the recent Assembly elections.
    • This book explores the genesis and development of sleep patterns at this stage of the life span.
    • His research is impeccable, and he charts the genesis and progress of each of the projects with style and wit.
    • The gap was bridged, and that was the genesis of my love of acting.
    • The genesis of this blog idea came when one of us went off to a foreign university.
    • It is important because it helps us to understand the genesis and evolution of the Cuban leadership.
    • An overview presented the historical genesis of the practice and its evolution.
    • The genesis of the focus on the mortgage market was indeed based on the issue of the European single currency.
    • That was the genesis of the cartoon, which fascinates the young and the old.
    • In fact, the genesis of the book fair in 1983 in itself signalled a special synergy with students.
    • The genesis of a circular library building involved two of English architecture's greatest names.
    • It was the genesis of an onslaught of negativity towards the family that made them all seem a bit more human.
    • Unknown to him, it became the genesis of a new film that has taken 14 long years to become a celluloid reality.
    • Rather, they were the genesis of and continue to be the sustainer of their networks.
    • An article in a local paper describes the genesis and construction of the round abode.
    • What it does do, though, is provide a wholly plausible explanation in human terms of the genesis of one man's art.
    • Does design play a role in the genesis of ideas, or merely in its dissemination?
  • 2Genesis

    Génesis masculino