Traducción de genetic code en Español:

genetic code

código genético, n.


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    código genético masculino
    • In it he predicted that a large molecule carrying a genetic code would explain heritable characteristics.
    • To clone, scientists replace all the genetic material in an egg with a mature cell containing the complete genetic code from the donor.
    • The retrovirus would then move the gene into the host cell's genetic code.
    • The genetic code is the mapping by which nucleotide sequences are translated into amino acid sequences.
    • The genetic code of the Roboastra mitochondrial genome is the same as that used by other mollusks.
    • A couple of years from now, there may be as many as 70 pathogens whose genetic code has been cracked.
    • Its genetic code is embedded in a complex DNA structure called the TCP pathogenicity island.
    • The genetic code has the same importance in molecular biology that the Periodic Table of the Elements has in chemistry.
    • If a gene on the Y chromosome mutates, that piece of the male genetic code may disappear.
    • We have a hundred trillion cells - when you try to use the same genetic code to get the same experiment done twice it never works.
    • Clark works with genetic information, creating DNA portraits in which people are represented by their genetic code.
    • In addition, their genetic code is simple and their cellular DNA is relatively easy to modify in the lab.
    • He won the Nobel, discovered the double helix, and helped unravel our genetic code.
    • The film's name comes from the initials of the four DNA bases of our genetic code: guanine, adenine, cytosine and thymine.
    • Because of some unknown quirk or mutation in the cosmic dance her genetic code did not enable her cells to make a full life possible.
    • Starting at one end of the gene, the genetic code is read three nucleotides at a time.
    • With the human genetic code we find roughly 2 million to 3 million variations in the chromosomes.
    • Biochemistry may explain why most of the exceptions to the genetic code involve stop codons.
    • The universal genetic code is used in both the consistency analysis and the computer simulation.
    • Our genetic code is found in parts of our cells called chromosomes.