Traducción de genial en Español:


simpático, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒinjəl/


  • 1

    (manner/mood/person) simpático
    (manner/person/mood) jovial
    (welcome/smile) cordial
    (welcome/smile) amistoso
    • The talk among the crowd was genial and friendly, and when the guests of honour came into sight the women would shriek and hug them, and the men would shake their hands in congratulation.
    • The husband was a tall and genial fellow, friendly, youthful and easy-going.
    • He is a genial companion, coaxing the reader through unfamiliar material and finding colour, humour and literary appeal in the most unlikely places.
    • With a genial approach but a firm hand, the galley is run with the efficiency of a five star restaurant.
    • He is genial, intelligent, witty and an extrovert.
    • Every holiday I have, I come back to Shanghai, I find life here is so much easier, the people are so genial and friendly.
    • It was a rare outburst from the 23-year-old, normally as genial and calm outside the ring as he is explosive in it.
    • They are a genial, amiable lot, and they come across as personable and excruciatingly ethical in the course of the series.
    • She was the most companionable, genial and impressionable member of the team, always bubbling with enthusiasm and high spirits.
    • We had a genial / helpful waiter who led us capably through the menu.
    • Indeed, the genial 50-year-old has a lot of friends throughout the close-knit UK network.
    • Jack was there already, playing the genial host.
    • Food sources aside, the meal was a lot of fun, not least because of the genial company and the friendly service.
    • And eventually I came to realise that I was not the genial gentleman of my imaginings, but I was indeed a cad.
    • The interviews are shot on cameras so unobtrusive, and with a host so genial, that at times his guests genuinely seem to reveal their true selves.
    • To one and all, this most genial of personalities was affectionately known as Mickey.
    • A genial and gracious host, and a conscientious hospital chaplain, he was to spend the next twelve years in these ministries.
    • He's a smart, genial fellow but he seems more like a sympathetic bank manager than a king of comedy.
    • Michael's genial good nature was very much to the fore at the Golf Club and he felt ‘at home’ here in more ways than one.
    • In addition to gaining seriousness, the genial, good-natured boy becomes a sarcastic and bitter man.
  • 2

    (climate) agradable
    • He felt the students piled behind him surge out of the doors and walk around him hurriedly, as he stopped for a moment to breathe in the genial summer air.
    • The sun shone with a genial warmth that added very materially to the enjoyment of the huge crowd.