Traducción de gentlemanly en Español:


caballeroso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɛnt(ə)lmənli//ˈdʒɛn(t)lmənli/


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    (conduct/manners) caballeroso
    (lifestyle/appearance) de señor
    (appearance/lifestyle) de caballero
    he did the gentlemanly thing and paid up se comportó como un caballero y saldó su deuda
    • He advised us almost constantly what was going on, and we were struck by his gentlemanly, courteous, informed, and considerate approach.
    • Skimpole expects a living from the world without actually earning it, either in the gentlemanly professions or in trade.
    • This can be thought of as the gentlemanly, or civilized, approach to warfare.
    • His authority rested, in part, on his gentlemanly reserve, on the fact that he was the paper's first male food editor.
    • From the novels she appears to be the sort of woman who appreciates gentlemanly behaviour, but then she also seems to like cads.
    • Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn't do something because it's not ladylike or gentlemanly?
    • This is largely due to the extraordinarily considerate, polite, and gentlemanly treatment which we receive from the officers in command.
    • I contemplated forgoing the gloating and simply waving to the Beemer boys in a gentlemanly, dignified manner.
    • Not just because England won it but the gentlemanly manner in which our players conducted themselves made me proud to be English.
    • ‘He was gentlemanly, courteous, formal, perhaps a little obsessive,’ said a colleague.
    • He kissed my hand at the end of the evening - in a very courtly and gentlemanly way, not like a smarmy guy making a move.
    • And despite the gentlemanly behaviour, he wasn't bad company.
    • They have two nice boats: a quick one with twin outboards and a more gentlemanly vessel powered by a sedate diesel.
    • He actually hadn't given any direct indication that he was being anything other than chivalrous and gentlemanly.
    • A very quiet individual, his gentlemanly manner endeared him to all who made his acquaintance.
    • He was very highly thought of in this position and all who worked with Willie were high in praise of his gentlemanly behaviour towards staff and officials alike.
    • We have found him to be a gentlemanly, courteous, and fair person to deal with.
    • It was a gentlemanly and dignified spectacle such as the game has seldom seen - not only that, it took real bravery as the risks to themselves and their families are very real.
    • Other ballads generally portray him as a victim and romantic hero, and embody the legends of his gentlemanly conduct and chivalrous deeds.
    • The veteran German actor imbues the character of Schultz with a quiet appeal and pathos that is evident in Schultz's tiny smiles and gentlemanly mannerisms.
    • Sachin has been a great role model with his gentlemanly behaviour, despite his huge stature in the cricketing world.
    • This award goes to the player who displays gentlemanly conduct.
    • Then I saw how the ladies came alive at his gentlemanly attentions, how flattered they were by them.
    • He acted honourably and, in the gentlemanly world of golf, with the intention of abiding by the rules.
    • Geek guys seem like wholesome, responsible, potential breadwinners who will be polite, courteous and gentlemanly with someone's daughter on a date.
    • Ever since I was a wee lad of five, it's been imprinted on my brain to be chivalrous and gentlemanly.