Traducción de genuflect en Español:


hacer una genuflexión, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒɛnjəˌflɛkt//ˈdʒɛnjʊflɛkt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    hacer una genuflexión
    • She made me genuflect and kiss her topaz ring before entering.
    • In the end, what the church needs is less technology and more people genuflecting.
    • The congregation, mostly elderly, stood in the open air among jagged brick walls, while priests chanted, genuflected and blessed the crowd with holy water.
    • She found an empty place in a pew in the back of the church and after she genuflected, knelt and began her rosary.
    • The boy genuflected in respect, ‘A pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty.’
    • Complaining under his breath, he regretfully complied, finding himself down on one knee, genuflecting before Mistress Rai'chan.
    • There was absolute silence as the strange ritual was done, the only sound the muffled chink of coins and the rustle of clothes as each recipient genuflected to the glittering Prince.
    • Father Gerard, on the other hand, was genuflecting at the altar.
    • She walked slowly and calmly up to the front of the church and genuflected, and before walking up to the podium, stopped and placed a hand on the cloth-draped coffin.
    • It is customary to show reference to the Blessed Sacrament by genuflecting on both knees.
    • Just tell me when to sit, stand, kneel, and genuflect.
    • Carpenter crossed the carpeted floor of the Cathedral's dark interior and stopped only to genuflect wearily, and daub his fingers in the font once more.
    • Devotees walk days, weeks and even months to visit the holy shrines, sometimes kneeling and genuflecting before and after each step.
    • Regina genuflected before the tabernacle and then knelt down on one of the pews, made the Sign of the Cross and began to pray silently.
    • When the two were standing before him, his apprentice genuflected to the master.
    • He quickly walked to it and before he entered into the pew, he genuflected and did the sign of the cross, the way his father had taught him so long ago.
    • Give me a position, and I'll find you an expert to support it - and not just an expert but one with an institutional affiliation sounding so dignified it could make a nobleman genuflect.
    • This is the reason for head-coverings, face-veilings, bowing, kneeling, genuflecting, and other signs of spiritual modesty.
    • After making the sign of the cross and genuflecting before the tabernacle, she knelt down and put her hands together in prayer.
    • The Chief Adviser genuflected and walked out of the room backwards.