Traducción de geranium en Español:


geranio, n.

Pronunciación /dʒəˈreɪniəm//dʒɪˈreɪnɪəm/


  • 1

    (popular use)
    geranio masculino
    malvón masculino México Río de la Plata
    • Classic geraniums (planted in terracotta pots) are eye-catching and ever-so Mediterranean, and are slipping back into fashion.
    • Surround a garden bench with heliotrope or aromatic foliage plants like scented geraniums.
    • He filled the gutter with a mixture of weedless topsoil, finely screened compost and peat moss and planted his favorites - geraniums - in the mini planter.
    • I filled it with some organic matter, planted bright red geraniums in the center and placed trailing ivy along the outer edges.
    • Containers are planted with geraniums and petunias in Ann's favorite colors - pink, lavender, and cerise.
  • 2

    (technical use)
    geraniácea femenino
    • It may help to remove alternate roses and replace them with a different plant, such as a hardy geranium (cranesbill).
    • Is there any blue half so pure, and deep, and tender, as that of the large crane's bill, the geranium pratense of the botanists?
    • Five large dahlias and several clusters of roses, ageratum, and cranesbill geraniums are usually enough for one bouquet.
    • The species of Crane's-bills, or wild geraniums, take their name from their distinctive bird's-bill-shaped seed cases.
    • Other plants like the hardy geraniums proved easy to remove, with buds of new growth indicating their position and neat clumps of roots that fitted snugly into the waiting pots.