Traducción de geriatric en Español:


anciano, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌdʒɛriˈætrɪk//ˌdʒɛrɪˈatrɪk/


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    (patient) anciano
    (ward) de geriatría
    geriatric home hogar de ancianos masculino
    • Max's main studies related to the organisation of primary health services and geriatric healthcare delivery in Israel and he was committed to medical education.
    • Governments cannot pay for all feasible geriatric health care.
    • Compared with these school environments, the indoor climates at our geriatric hospitals were characterized by higher room temperatures and lower relative humidity.
    • An ongoing evaluation of effectiveness requires reassessment at regular intervals to rethink medication regimens in light of changes in the health status of geriatric patients.
    • How can standards in geriatric health care be raised?
    • Indeed, many aspects of preventing and managing infection in nursing homes embrace good geriatric medicine.
    • The nurses at the geriatric hospital kindly shared his care with the family.
    • Potential members of the study were identified at 22 community-based health care centers with geriatric long-stay facilities.
    • Before this he had started as a clinical assistant in the geriatric department at Paignton Hospital.
    • She completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in geriatric medicine at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
    • Health maintenance of geriatric patients is an integral part of daily medical practice for most family physicians.
    • Using an organized approach to the varied aspects of geriatric health, primary care physicians can improve the care that they provide for their older patients.
    • Annual in-home geriatric assessment with quarterly visits by geriatric nurses also delays disability in persons without impairment.
    • The 14 geriatric hospitals included 18 buildings that housed 36 nursing departments.
    • Some were community dwelling ambulatory patients attending a health clinic and others were inpatients on a geriatric ward.
    • The rapidly expanding group of older nephrology patients is a positive reflection of recent developments in medical care and offers an opportunity to establish links between nephrology and geriatric medicine.
    • We compared the quality of the current rehabilitation scheme in local hospitals with intensive rehabilitation in a geriatric hospital ward.
    • He is attending physician in internal medicine and geriatric medicine at St. Luke's Hospital.
    • Several factors, such as the input of geriatricians and good communication between members of the multidisciplinary geriatric team, led to better use of medicines.
    • Primary care physicians must be diligent in assessing the immunization status of geriatric patients and providing the recommended vaccines.
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    you're 35? that's positively geriatric! ¿tienes 35? ¡qué vejestorio! humorístico
    • Like the Sea Kings, the Sikorsky Cyclones chosen on July 23 to replace Canada's geriatric fleet of Sea Kings rely on two engines.



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    vejestorio masculino coloquial
    carcamal masculino coloquial