Traducción de germinate en Español:


germinar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdʒəːmɪneɪt//ˈdʒərməˌneɪt/

verbo intransitivo

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    (seed) germinar
    • Infant botulism occurs when ingested spores germinate and colonize the infant's gastrointestinal tract.
    • Sprinkle with grass seed, which will quickly germinate and cover the gap.
    • They did germinate on synthetic medium, but were inviable when streaked onto solid rich medium.
    • When contaminated seeds are planted, bunt spores germinate in the presence of moisture and infect the wheat seedlings.
    • If snow cover is reliable, sow seeds late and they'll germinate in spring.
    • None of the species studied was able to germinate under anoxia.
    • Breakdown takes place after a period of rest when seeds germinate and seedlings start growing.
    • Dashed segments of the line indicate where viable seeds do not germinate at low temperatures.
    • Beside surviving dehydration, the dwarf embryos were able to germinate and to develop into normal plants.
    • For example, seeds germinating in soil survive submergence by germinating anaerobically.
    • The stigma is the part of the orchid on which pollen grains germinate.
    • Seeds of all species have an optimal depth at which they germinate best, depending on soil conditions.
    • The oats will germinate quickly and protect the young hay seedlings from weed pressure early in the season.
    • The spores germinate in a film of water and penetrate into the plant tissue.
    • Many flower seeds simply will not germinate at high temperatures.
    • As weeds germinate, hand pull, hoe or spray with a weed killer.
    • Dormancy is defined as the inability of a viable seed to germinate under conditions otherwise adequate for germination.
    • Peppers will not germinate well at room temperature - keep them at a constant 80 degrees for best success.
    • Fresh seeds of many arctic and alpine plant species germinate readily without any cold stratification treatment.
    • Keep your soil moist after planting and the seeds will germinate readily in about a week.
    • Seeds of all four species germinated in all plots at both treatment locations.

verbo transitivo

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    (seed) hacer germinar
    • Fall rains and winter snows will provide moisture to germinate seeds.
    • Pollen was germinated in vitro in liquid medium for 10 min and harvested by centrifugation.
    • Sterilized seeds were germinated in the dark at room temperature using two rooting environments.
    • After Apollo 14 landed, a Forest Service scientist germinated the seeds at NASA's manned space center at Houston.
    • Seeds were germinated under sterile conditions on 1% agar in tissue culture tubes in a growth chamber.
    • Although windowsills are good places to germinate seeds, they do have some drawbacks.
    • Following cold stratification, seeds were germinated in the watered plug trays under natural day lengths in the greenhouses of Brown University and NCSU.
    • Sixty healthy rosettes, germinated in a greenhouse in March 1986, were used.
    • An advantage to doing this in the winter is that nature provides enough water to germinate the seeds, whereas it is necessary to sprinkle the areas during other times of the year.
    • Mrs Perry said pumpkins did not take much work and her daughter had her own greenhouse and had germinated the seeds herself.
    • Legume pollen is normally difficult to germinate on artificial medium.
    • Seeds were germinated on wet filter paper and grown without the addition of ABA.
    • Seeds were germinated in the dark on filter papers moistened with deionized water.
    • I recommend you use the same soilless mix used for germinating the seeds.
    • Two series of experiments were conducted to determine if meditation on the water used to germinate seeds could affect their germination rate.
    • You most often see this where rice is grown as rice needs to be grown on precisely level fields that contain a shallow layer of water to germinate the seed.
    • The collected soil samples were germinated in plastic trays.
    • One of the ideas was to use empty yoghurt pots to germinate seeds.
    • When one plants there must be enough moisture to germinate the seeds so that the crops emerge at the same time.
    • The seeds were stratified and germinated in a greenhouse at Rutgers University.