Traducción de gesticulate en Español:


gesticular, v.

Pronunciación /dʒɛˈstɪkjəˌleɪt//dʒɛˈstɪkjʊleɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • As I near Belfast I realise that my job will become more difficult near Banbridge; drivers may gesticulate back to me either with their thumb or middle finger.
    • The cover, a thin card folder, shows a bearded man gesticulating at traffic from the pavement.
    • In order to make yourself clear, you might be forced into a mime show, gesticulating and posturing dramatically so as to convey your meaning.
    • I sprint into the kitchen and hammer on the window, waving and gesticulating towards the side door.
    • Men around me started shouting in Spanish, gesticulating wildly and pointing.
    • At one point I saw before me a weird figure, gesticulating madly and mouthing gibberish.
    • He had reportedly run at her, shouting and gesticulating wildly and waving his hand ‘only inches from her face’.
    • Often this leads to fists being shaken, fingered signs being gesticulated, and harsh words exchanged, as the anguished cry, ‘that was my space!’
    • With a shirtsleeved Klinsmann gesticulating and shouting encouragement from the technical area, Germany regained the lead in the 17th minute.
    • Goldwater paced back and forth in front of the court in her heels, gesticulating wildly, sometimes nearly shouting.
    • On the way into central Bucharest our bus-driver seemed overwrought, gesticulating wildly.
    • As I arrive breathless at the bottom of the gorge, my companion, who is considerably ahead of me, begins to gesticulate frantically.
    • By the time I had pulled in to the kerb, these little ‘darlings’ had run off down the road, laughing, shouting and gesticulating.
    • They surrounded the defenseless woman, shouting at her, gesticulating violently.
    • After a few minutes, from the official side of the counter, a Lady Officer moved forward and began gesticulating and shouting back.
    • I watched her walk to the gate and stand there for at least 5 minutes, then a woman walked over and let her in and stood waving and gesticulating at her in a angry manner.
    • In public places, Kanaks adopt a discreet and subdued attitude, avoiding excessive speaking or gesticulating, which are considered rude.
    • Families spread out elaborate picnics and play blind man's buff; everywhere there are people arguing, gesticulating and shouting over each other.
    • It was actually quite entertaining to watch grown men and women gesticulating and waving their arms around violently in an archaic tongue.
    • Scolari comes alive during games, always shouting and gesticulating.