Traducción de get-together en Español:


reunión, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɛttəɡɛðə//ˈɡɛt təˌɡɛðər/



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    reunión femenino
    we must have a (little) get-together soon a ver si nos reunimos un día de estos
    • A family get-together was held in honour of the special event.
    • Teachers held barbeque parties, potluck suppers and luncheons that served as musical get-togethers in an informal atmosphere.
    • You might be used to catering for your child's needs at home, but organisers of school parties and family get-togethers might not be so well prepared.
    • To change the scenario, family and friends should organise a get-together followed by a feast on these festival days.
    • Their little girl was christened Kelly and Michelle and Eric enjoyed a get-together with family and friends afterwards.
    • Late one Sunday afternoon, we arrived at a friend's house for an informal get-together and a bite to eat.
    • The evening ended with an informal get-together and slide show in a common room of the university residence.
    • Apparently, it works well at parties and family get-togethers too.
    • She compères karaoke singing sessions at parties and family get-togethers.
    • The monthly meeting was in the form of a Christmas lunch and everyone enjoyed the informal get-together.
    • The annual holiday is usually marked by family get-togethers over a traditional meal of turkey, sweet potatoes and apple pie.
    • I like playing this if I'm having a get-together with family or friends.
    • It was decided at the camp that we should organise informal get-togethers every month.
    • She was always trying to arrange family get-togethers.
    • Labor Day weekend in Hawaii is not complete without a barbecue get-together with family and friends.
    • It was summer and we had endless dinners, lunches and get-togethers.
    • He has organised a series of barbecues, team get-togethers and singalongs to be held in the Olympic village square.
    • Consequently, family get-togethers during traditional festivals are becoming difficult for such people.
    • Her usually quiet home was lively on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the arrival of relatives and friends to join the family get-together.
    • If your ideal Christmas is a get-together with family, friends, the milkman and all, get together and take over a big property.