Traducción de getout en Español:


excusa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɛtaʊt//ˈɡɛdaʊt/



  • 1

    excusa femenino
    pretexto masculino
    before noun getout clause cláusula de escape femenino
    • To call a national ballot after the strike had already drawn in the overwhelming majority would have been seen as a get-out, and invited a no vote.
    • He was annoyed that their offer of a 12-month extension included a cancer get-out clause, which they said they would remove only if he saw a specialist.
    • However there may be a get-out for the clause demanding consideration of the feelings of relatives.
    • He had a get-out clause in his contract allowing him to join another club which opened the door for him to join Keighley.
    • And, most revealingly, he uses the get-out for the parents of troubled teenagers everywhere: There's nothing for them to do.
    • There it is - the get-out clause you find in report after report - it is not the individual, it is the ‘agency’.
    • Maybe this onus gives the Government a get-out clause: ‘Well, we offered parents the chance, but there just wasn't the demand.’
    • ‘It would be nice to get the £12m [outlined in the get-out clause of his contract] but I think that's wishful thinking,’ said Bain.
    • The agreement provides the company with a get-out clause and allows it to renegotiate the rates annually.
    • Multi-culturalism can be used as a get-out clause by politicians who are only prepared to pay lip service to notions such as equality and diversity.
    • Actually what has happened is an insurance company has found a smart get-out.
    • Pontificating about the global market being an irresistible agent of deregulation does not provide an honest get-out clause.
    • I believe that it is acceptable, but too many people see it as a quick get-out option rather than a last resort.
    • Yet they have also made it clear that their commitment must be matched by their employers and it's here that their legitimate get-out clauses lay.
    • And get a kind friend to ring you after about an hour, so you've got a get-out clause if necessary.
    • The other way of construing things, of course, is that it is a perfect get-out clause.
    • For future reference, when you have messed up and someone offers you a get-out clause, you take it.
    • Only later will the small print get-outs become evident.
    • He will demand that governments retain the get-out clause of an appeal to the EU where new measures clash with domestic legal systems.
    • The get-out clause in these cases, often, is to suspend the jockey for careless riding and allow the result to stand.