Traducción de gilding en Español:


dorado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɪldɪŋ//ˈɡɪldɪŋ/


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    dorado masculino
    • More than 40 new curators have been taken on, with experts in everything from Chinese painting to metalwork, taxidermy, armoury and gilding.
    • The project, from the cutting of a thick strip of solid silver bullion to the final gilding, took almost five months to complete.
    • With this in mind she was determined to completely remove all dirt and corrosion from the domes before the gilding began and pioneered a method to do so.
    • The skills he acquired from Arthur would later become apparent, particularly in his gilding on glass.
    • The dome restoration was made possible by two private gifts that funded all of the gold leaf used in the gilding as well as other parts of the restoration.
    • Gold leaf used in gilding is made in much the same way.
    • One way of gilding gingerbread was to paint it with egg white when hot and dab on the gold.
    • His skill in applying color and gilding is remarkable, considering that the twenty-year-old had not completed a normal term of apprenticeship.
    • It was like a step-by-step gilding demonstration straight from a Renaissance painting.
    • As he found much was still in the developmental stage here, it gave him the welcome opportunity to try out some of his copied recipes for gilding and color-making.