Traducción de gilt en Español:


dorado, n.

Pronunciación /ɡɪlt//ɡɪlt/


  • 1

    dorado masculino
    (finish/frame) (before noun) dorado
    • Let us peel away some of the layers of gilt and glimpse at some of the failures.
    • Even the piano is decorated with gold and white, and the huge canopied bed has enough gilt to give your nightmares.
    • It was about the size of a cigarette pack, framed in flaking gilt, the tiny canvas itself a wash of brown and green.
    • When it is time to paint, or apply the stain, gilt etc., vacuum the room and let the remaining dust settle for at least 24 hours.
    • Back then, he did not know they were gilt - the earrings.
    • People are rushing back and forth beneath the garish marble and gilt, typing, shredding, meeting, talking.
    • You could easily spend a day at the palace, which is filled with ornate buildings covered in gilt and coloured glass, intricate statues and Bonsai trees which stand over ten feet tall.
    • Crafted in silver and gilt, the 60-cm high trophy features a golden globe held aloft by three silver columns.
    • If you could afford a little extra, you had your portrait painted, at least with a trail of gilt to accentuate your jewelry or a little rouge for your cheeks.
    • Some of them looked quite lavish, with gilt in some parts.
    • Or she might craft an entirely new binding and hand-tool it with gilt.
    • Walter gives two spoons, one which is made of gilt.
    • Follow the application instructions for your choice of finish, paint or gilt.
    • ‘Now I am obliged to read this order to you,’ continued the Pastor quickly, holding up a document edged with gilt.
    • A lighter-weight dress sword with unusual gilt on the blade, it might possibly have belonged to the swashbuckling mercenary.
    • Gideon peered carefully at a tarnished bit of gilt on the right.
  • 2gilts plural

    papel del estado masculino
    • Over the long term, this is how gilts have performed against shares and cash.
    • When the government wants to borrow money, it issues gilts.
    • It is almost certainly better than leaving your money in the bank or buying fixed interest investments such as government gilts.
    • That meant investing more in safer government gilts.
    • People are selling stock to buy gilts (UK government bonds).