Traducción de ginkgo en Español:


ginkgo (biloba), n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɪŋkɡəʊ//ˈɡɪŋkəʊ//ˈɡɪŋkoʊ/

nombrePlural ginkgoes, Plural ginkgos

  • 1

    ginkgo (biloba) masculino
    • Plant life consisted mainly of ferns and seed-ferns, with new plants like conifers and ginkgos coming into prominence.
    • Many of the plants are endangered species, including the dove tree and the ginkgo.
    • The scientists analysed fossils of gingkoes and ferns that were growing at the time to estimate the amount of carbon dioxide that was in the air.
    • Investigators have suggested that these fossils represent new growth from cycads, deciduous trees, ginkgos and, most commonly, conifer trees.
    • On land, the vegetation generally consisted of conifers, cycads, ginkgos, ferns and horsetails.