Traducción de girl en Español:


niña, n.

Pronunciación /ɡərl//ɡəːl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(baby, child)

      niña femenino
      nena femenino Río de la Plata
      don't cry, you're a big girl now no llores, ya eres (una niña) grande
      • stand up to him, you're a big girl now hazle frente, ya eres grandecita
      • girls' school colegio de niñas
      • don't ever do that again, my girl! no vuelvas a hacer eso ¿me oyes?
      • Beforehand, it was mandatory for both boys and girls to attend school to primary-school level.
      • The female group approached the girls and demanded their mobile phones.
      • There will be major parts for nine small children - seven girls and two boys, and minor parts for up to ten more.
      • The report says that boys and girls attending school at the primary level is shrinking around the world.
      • Some thought that boys got the short end of the stick and that their female teachers favored girls.
      • It is not known whether the baby is a boy or a girl or whether the schoolgirl mother will be allowed to keep her child.
      • The preparatory school caters for girls and boys aged three to 11 after which pupils move up to the senior school.
      • The week's activities are suitable for boys and girls of primary school age.
      • There is always plenty of variety at this camp for boys and girls of primary school age.
      • There are hundreds of children, boys and girls, who live on the streets of Cape Town.
      • This is a problem particular to boys, as most girls have the daily influence of females in their lives from which to learn.
      • Games were held between the various schools, boys, girls and various mixed teams.
      • Jim is married to Catherine and they have four children, three girls and one boy.
      • The activity camp is open to boys and girls from senior infants to sixth class.
      • The club hopes to have over 100 youngsters both boys and girls taking part.
      • What then happens to efforts to increase female literacy and encourage girls to go to school?
      • He believes it is unlikely, in the Western world, to result in a noticeable increase in either baby boys or girls.
      • He and a female pedestrian comforted the girl at the roadside, and contacted the police.
      • Infant girls are also outperforming boys in spelling and maths.
      • Schools were segregated and male teachers were replaced by females at girls ' schools.

    • 1.2(young woman)

      chica femenino
      muchacha femenino
      an English girl una chica / muchacha inglesa
      • In the minds of both males and females, girls dress provocatively to garner a certain reaction.
      • The researchers argue that increasing concern about young girls reflects a change in social behaviour.
      • In girls, the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone are produced in the ovaries.
      • The writings of young teenage boys and girls in different refugee camps and occupied towns are the most moving part of the book.
      • While sneaking out of work I met two young girls, around the ages fourteen and fifteen.
      • In years gone by a young man and a young girl would meet and like what they saw and would start to go out with each other.
      • Because the Burman traditionally do not date, it is difficult for young boys and girls to meet.
      • In standardised school maths tests, teenage boys outscored girls 13 to one in the top grades.
      • The girl was a female body builder who wanted max muscle at the cost of being very rude.
      • We saw that, thanks to our experience of working with women and girls, we might have a unique contribution to make.
      • Feminist psychologists have studied the experiences of women and girls in diverse social locations.
      • It was set up by a former prostitute who helps the young girls and their babies.
      • Local teenage girls walking their babies in strollers earned judgemental stares from the couple at a table next to me.
      • The majority of my classes are attended by girls and women.
      • Many teenage girls had babies, so it seemed normal to become a teenage mother.
      • Here teenage boys and girls who dropped out after primary school learn useful skills.
      • All teenagers - boys and girls - are invited to come along together with their parents.
      • This broadcast has just been interrupted due to me letting in a couple of young teenage girls.
      • Then, girls reach puberty before boys and so are more mature in their both their approach to learning and ability to learn.
      • The only place for groups of young girls or boys to hang out is on the ground of the alleys just outside their homes.

  • 2

    • 2.1(daughter)

      hija femenino
      niña femenino
      my eldest/youngest girl mi hija mayor/menor
      • I have two little girls tengo dos hijas / niñas pequeñas
      • the Jones girls las chicas / hijas de los Jones
      • I have a lot of issues about my ex girlfriend and my little girl.
      • They enjoyed a break away with their daughter Samantha and her twin girls Rebecca and Crystal.
      • She has five grandchildren, her daughter's two girls and her son's three boys.

    • 2.2informal (girlfriend, sweetheart)

      novia femenino
      chica femenino
      • The worst moment was when I rang up one day to take out my daughter and my girl refused to let me see her, because of the mess that I was in.
      • Coachman Tom and his girl Nance were due to marry when she left him for another.

    • 2.3(friend, colleague)

      amiga femenino
      she's gone out with the girls ha salido con las amigas
      • the girls at the office las chicas de la oficina
      • before noun girl talk conversaciones de mujeres
      • The young servant girl had dealt with high class ladies all her life, the good and the bad.
      • All I know is that the other slave girl should be interrogated to see if we can get some answers out of her.
      • Elijah put away his weapon and exchanged glances with the Prince and the young slave girl.
      • According to the police, he had been secretly baptized by a Gentile servant girl years before.
      • She seemed almost oblivious to the pain that she had just caused the young slave girl.
      • Nothing could change her or what she believed in, so unlike that young servant girl of hers.
      • They saw a known vice girl lean into the open window of his car before she climbed in and Hurst drove off.
      • In the arch of the doorway stood a guard gripping the arm of a dark slave girl.
      • You see, a little over a century ago, I found this young slave girl wandering around the city.
      • I remember her advice when I was learning the dance of a young Gipsy girl.
      • Just yesterday, I was in a store that shall be nameless and got the bored Saturday girl routine.
      • Last, twenty young slave girls dressed in saffron and silk shuffled in as silent as sewn dolls.
      • We have also noted that trade in Hindu slave dancer girls contributed to development of western dances.
      • He was such a nice lad at university, and there he was gleefully encouraging the undercover reporter girl to con the electorate.
      • The story tells of peasant girl who falls in love with a nobleman, and the disastrous consequences of that love.
      • I wasn't even a wife, and I certainly wasn't the hip, urban career girl I had been, either.
      • A rather beautiful servant girl with dark wavy brown hair and hazel eyes came into the room.
      • This Dutch peasant girl longed to compete in a skating race, but her family could barely afford food and she only had wooden skates.
      • One of these nobles chooses to drift from the others to get to know this vibrant peasant girl.
      • The queen turned to find a young servant girl with bright red hair and deep blue eyes.

    • 2.4(employee)

      chica femenino
      muchacha femenino
      checkout girl cajera femenino