Traducción de girlish en Español:


de niña, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡəːlɪʃ//ˈɡərlɪʃ/


  • 1

    de niña
    with girlish naivety con la ingenuidad de una niña
    • his girlish looks su aspecto afeminado
    • It was a time of high good humour, with gales and shrieks of girlish laughter.
    • I began walking down the hallway but stopped when I heard two girlish giggles erupt from behind a room.
    • Lance and Wayne barged in with obnoxiously loud voices and girlish giggles.
    • It had a feminine girlish quality in the cut, but a bold, womanly quality in color.
    • The other girls were crowded around the coach, speaking in their girlish tones and ignoring her as usual.
    • Each song is wrapped up in girlish emotion that transcends the love and loss theme that every other female artist seems to stumble into.
    • She giggled in a girlish sort of way completely contradictory to her very womanly body.
    • That had nothing, though, to do with his preference for high, girlish vocals.
    • I look girlish, and I'm elegant, but my character is more like a boy, I think.
    • When I used to think that I'd keep my young, girlish figure forever, I was really fooling myself.
    • His skin was bluish through the water and from the edges of his bathing cap flowed long girlish hair.
    • As she told the story, Rose put her hands over her mouth and erupted into girlish giggles.
    • She has tousled, spiky hair that manages to look girlish.
    • When a woman isn't into a guy or sees him as threatening, she'll hold back her girlish giggle, the researchers add.
    • As Greg got closer, he could hear girlish giggles coming from the spa area.
    • A month away from her 70th birthday, Fraser exudes girlish enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity.
    • But when I heard his girlish scream echo out across the waves I had a change of heart.
    • Shortly thereafter, Gwen learns the error of her naïve, girlish, heathen ways.
    • At 48, she even has something girlish about her, as she awaits the delivery of her Christmas tree.
    • The face is plump, smooth and almost girlish, with small perceptive eyes.