Traducción de glad rags en Español:

glad rags

Pronunciación ///ˈɡlæd ˌræɡz/

sustantivo plural

coloquial, humorístico

  • 1

    she put on her glad rags se puso sus mejores galas / trapos humorístico
    • One woman, going out of the village for a night out, jumped into the large flood-resistant four-wheel drive vehicle, glad rags and all, ready for a lift out to her car.
    • She puts on her glad rags and gets into the penthouse before Fred can get out.
    • It's the night of nights for the science glitterati of Australia, a chance for scientists and their mates to whip off their lab coats and don their glad rags.
    • So start sorting out your glad rags and get ready to party.
    • They gave me a ring and told me to get my glad rags on.
    • A couple are preparing to get their glad rags on as they exchange their marriage vows at a rock 'n' roll themed wedding.
    • The food's only part of the attraction: just being there in your glad rags, watching the faces at other tables and posing for them in turn, is all part of what makes it an occasion.
    • The prospect of being single again exhilarated me, and I might have put on my glad rags and gone stepping out that very evening if it hadn't been for the rooftop party we'd been invited to.
    • Wear an old coat over your glad rags, though - sparks will fly.
    • It's the January sales, after all - this is your subconscious telling you to spend money on lots of glad rags.
    • Ladies, it is time to get your glad rags on and show off your summer tan.
    • They would have donned their glad rags a week later for the official opening on 8 May, the same day the town's gasworks opened.
    • Reviewers are likely to mistake, if not nudity for new clothes, bizarre glad rags for haute couture.
    • The Oscars are traditionally a night when the stars step out in their glad rags having spent a couple of days getting ready - hours with the make-up artists, hairdresser, stylist.
    • Get your glad rags on and make an effort to look smart and attractive.
    • And so the search continues, so if you've nothing better to do this weekend (your hair is clean enough), then throw on the glad rags, gather your single friends and hit the town.
    • People dress up to go out, so bring your glad rags and perhaps even a tie, if you're a bloke.
    • We had our glad rags on and the men put on their dinner suits.
    • The very concept of partying does not have to necessarily mean putting on your glad rags and freaking out.
    • Get your glad rags on and head back to the 1960s, 70s and 80s to dance the night away while raising money for charity.