Traducción de glade en Español:


claro, n.

Pronunciación /ɡleɪd//ɡleɪd/



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    claro masculino
    • Paths made from mosaic pebbles and broken paving stones will wind through forest glades, leading the visitor to secret places and moonlit grottoes.
    • Others awaited Richard II on the battlements of Chester Castle, or in a glade of Sandiway Forest.
    • Our track took us first over smooth grassy flats, then through glades of beech forest so typical of this country.
    • Flushed and gasping, she dragged her maidservant with her down the forest glade.
    • The action in the second act is set in a forest glade framed by tall, bare tree trunks.
    • They were in a forest glade outside the town walls, and were nearing the banks of a river.
    • About 250,000 people a year now visit the forest to enjoy its shady woods and sunny glades - and recreation outstrips tree felling as the forest's main source of income.
    • In about a mile is a small clearing in a glade of woods by a small clear stream.
    • The hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms were generally restricted to those determined enough to scour forests and secluded glades at the right time of the year.
    • They got to their usual spot, the glade in the forest and sat down.
    • The midsummer's evening was warm and filled with anticipation, as a friendly crowd of about 4,000 gathered in a glade in the forest.
    • She found herself lying on her back, cushioned by a patch of moss in a forest glade.
    • Historians speculate about the outlaw's links to these works in stone but perhaps the real answers still lie hidden in those dark forest glades in the middle of Sherwood.
    • He leapt lightly to the ground and led them through a charred forest to a small glade.
    • I follow the trail back down through the forest, past glades of ferns glistening with the mist of slow-running falls on their way back to the ocean.
    • It grows wide in parts, with open glades on both sides, and thick woods beyond it.
    • They prefer open and semi-open habitat, and although two species can be found in forest glades, they usually avoid dense woodland.
    • You know, scenarios with unicorns and forest glades and stuff.
    • The grassy hillside glade within the dense forest had been around ever since the lake had been there.
    • Made of the same scrap materials, they wind around the barely cleared trails leading to the heart of the forest, sometimes opening on to small glades with more imposing installations.