Traducción de glamour girl en Español:

glamour girl

guapa, n.


  • 1

    guapa femenino coloquial
    belleza femenino
    churro masculino América del Sur coloquial
    • Sandra's not your typical glamour girl in couture dresses.
    • While she still holds on firmly to her glamour girl image, she guarantees entertainment.
    • She has the willingness and joy to embrace this character in a deep way and not be treated as a glamour girl.
    • I've always had a soft spot for Crawford in the 1950s, when she was vainly hanging on to the glamour girl image just as her key light got brighter and the camera lens got softer.
    • After finishing 10th and qualifying to three event finals at the World Championships, rhythmic's glamour girl called it quits.
    • I turned to see a little glamour girl of three or so in a backless pink sundress and long gold tresses.
    • She moved to London, where she became housekeeper to an ageing Hollywood glamour girl who claimed Clark Gable among her lovers.
    • She was impeccable, a true glamour girl, from her long, gorgeous red hair, to her carefully made-up face and sophisticated clothes.
    • A glamour girl to the core, she was the first woman I knew to wear colored contact lenses.
    • Showstopping nails are the icing on a glamour girl's cake
    • Apparently, the summer before her senior year, she blossomed into a glamour girl.
    • As Cassie looked at her self in the guise of a glamour girl, she felt a bit disjointed.
    • Most wives put up antennas when a glamor girl enters the scene.
    • If you thought that it was a ceremony attended by a glamour girl of filmdom, you are wrong.
    • She could have been just a cover girl and a glamour girl and on rich men's yachts, which, of course, was an image that was painted at the time.