Traducción de glassy en Español:


vítreo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡlæsi//ˈɡlɑːsi/


  • 1

    (like glass)
  • 2

    (dull, lifeless)
    (eyes/stare) vidrioso
    • Witness said he got a strong smell of drink from the driver, whose speech was slurred and whose eyes were glassy.
    • With skin the colour of milky tea and glassy eyes that betray his misery, there's never any pretence towards polished musicianship.
    • I see beyond the glassy eyes and into the person trapped inside, desperate, scared, holding on to what little is left, knowing there will be less tomorrow.
    • Her face is flushed, her eyes are glassy sometimes.
    • I almost started to question his shoe color preference when I realized his eyes were glassy, his face was flushed, and he seemed distracted.
    • An undefined emotion passed across Wind's glassy eyes before fading back into the depths of his light brown pools.
    • His little cheeks are flushed red and his eyes are glassy.
    • Slowly, he raised his waxy head and fixed me with his glassy eyes.
    • Alissa stared at her with a blank glassy expression.
    • In their tiny glassy eyes I can see mankind's downfall.
    • You could see in everyone's glassy eyes, that people were genuinely having fun, opening up and talking to complete strangers.
    • He had stopped crying, but his eyes were glassy.
    • His glassy eyes stared at the ceiling in a permanent expression of horror.
    • Beside the bundle, a man stood with glassy eyes.
    • His bright green eyes were glassy, and bore a worried expression.
    • Tears rolled down from Margreet's glassy eyes.
    • His body was limp in her arms and his eyes were glassy and lifeless.
    • I guessed the people featured weren't Bolivian - their flawless features seemed strangely misplaced next to those of the people who went about their lives beneath their glassy eyes.
    • He glanced up at her; his glassy eyes registered no emotion.
    • The latter of which resonated from Stephanie; in glassy eyes she stood repressing the emotion.