Traducción de glaze en Español:


vidriado, n.

Pronunciación /ɡleɪz//ɡleɪz/


  • 1

    (on pottery, brick, tiles)
    vidriado masculino
    • After the bisque firing has been completed, the item is ready for glazing - the glaze is made from elements extracted from the Earth.
    • The scabbard was decorated with patterns much similar to that of the hilt, and was enameled in a smooth glaze.
    • As the glaze melts in firing, it fuses with the decoration, forming a glossy surface that maintains the line quality of the surface decoration.
    • Faience is a glass-like material, made by heating a paste consisting of sand or crushed quartz, an alkali such as plant ash, and a glaze, until vitrification occurs.
    • Later, colorful enamels were added on top of the clear glaze.
    • Light reflections on the ceramic glaze and the lacquer surface emphasize the lustrous qualities of each.
    • People learn how to hand decorate a collection of unglazed pottery with water-based glazes.
    • My new pots are clay and are finished with a decorative glaze.
    • A transparent glaze is applied overall and, finally, the piece is fired again.
    • The Sheffield Leadmill was built in 1759 and produced pigments for paint and pottery glazes.
    • Each student may choose no more than two different glazes - this helps to eliminate the problem of runny glazes caused by too-thick coatings.
    • After the first firing, each layer is taken apart and glazed with a clear glaze.
    • He made a number of vases with opaque white glazes applied over mat green, blue, and white glazes.
    • For upper grades, students may want to try to mix their own ash glazes and test fire on pieces of pottery in their school's kiln, if the school has one.
    • As time went by, the invention of glass made jewelry less expensive and glazes became possible that made pottery waterproof.
    • It is then fabric-painted and polished to give it a glaze before being fixed on the base object.
    • Potters also discovered that the ash could be used to create glazes for ceramic crafts.
    • A water coupe, often decorated with a peach-bloom glaze, was a small, precious vessel designed for a scholar's table.
    • At the same time, Iraqi potters developed luster glazes by adding metallic elements to the surface of the glazed piece before a second firing in the kiln.
    • They are also made with the potter's wheel as well as glazes and enamels introduced from Spain.
    • The painted decoration soaks into the white glaze.
    • Its color is derived primarily from the clay, but can be varied even further with coatings, glazes, and other additives.
    • It had a smiley face, garish colors, a bright glaze - 40s or 50s kitsch.
    • Strontium sulfate is sometimes used to produce iridescence in glass and pottery glazes, and can also be used as a fining agent (to remove bubbles in the molten glass) in crystal glass.
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    (on fabric, leather, paper)
    glaseado masculino
    • Apply the crackle glaze at the thickness that worked best for you when you did your test samples.
    • When used in media such as egg tempera these pigments are insufficiently transparent to make true glazes.
    • I sometimes use liquid matt glazes and sometimes use gloss glazes.
    • He drew with his brush in transparent glaze and build up form with multiple stokes.
    • I use wax to then apply a gloss glaze over an area in a different manner.
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    glaseado masculino
    • Use a spoon to spread a little glaze on each bun, in the shape of a cross.
    • If desired, drizzle with icing sugar glaze.
    • And I was impressed enough to pick up a jar of Cabernet wine jelly, which I hope to use as a glaze on some lamb.
    • Succulent beef was grilled and marinated in a spicy glaze then tossed with hot chilies, fresh cilantro leaves, and cooling slices of cucumbers.
    • Fold in the egg whites, apricot glaze, food coloring and mint extract.
    • They tasted like glue and the honey glaze was too hard I nearly lost a tooth.
    • Raise the heat a little, stirring until the liquid evaporates away leaving a silky glaze.
    • A sweet, tangy soy glaze will please even people who aren't crazy about fish.
    • In a small skillet, melt remaining butter; add carrots and chicken stock and cook until liquid in pan has reduced to a glaze.
    • Lobster bisque is solid, but the lobster roll is mushy, gaining zippola from a pepper glaze.
    • Wacky Pennies are made of a delicious South American imitation chocolate with a fine brownish sugar glaze.
    • Fold in the egg whites and apricot glaze and fold until just combined.
    • Their screams are a honey glaze like you might find pooling beneath a baklava.
    • Spoon the vinaigrette in between the saffron glaze border and the tuna.
    • But ultimately, they tasted like baked donuts with an apple glaze.
    • For the glaze: whisk the egg, yolk, water, and salt together, then brush the surfaces.
    • Brush the glaze over each filet one minute before cooking is through.
    • They are a traditional ring doughnut with a wafer thin sugar glaze.
    • I'm struggling with what to use as cake topping: chocolate glaze?
    • Two light coats of egg wash or milk and oil glaze are better than one heavy coat.

verbo transitivo

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    (fit with glass)
    (building) acristalar
    to glaze a window/door ponerle vidrio(s) a una ventana/puerta
    • Two three-storey blocks of offices flank a central glazed atrium.
    • The long, glazed facade provides uninterrupted views of the track and city skyline beyond.
    • Upstairs, etched glass light wells diffuse luminance into the restaurant and glazed screens enclose private rooms.
    • The sandstone, glass and zinc building includes glazed staircases, landscaped courtyards and a high-level glass bridge.
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    (make shiny, glossy)
    • 2.1

      (pottery/brick/tiles) vidriar
      • I ordered a chocolate cappuccino and a dozen glazed donuts.
      • I grab a chocolate glazed doughnut and sit with it and my coffee at the counter.
      • The crockery is fired and glazed earthenware and the cutlery an inexpensive style.
      • Mango pudding made from fresh mangos was my favourite, while the barbecued pork with honey glazing uses the tender meat at the neck rather than the traditional ribs.
      • After an all-day epic you wouldn't be crazy enough to stuff 10 glazed doughnuts into your mouth.
      • He also glazes them with ghee (clarified butter) during cooking to keep them soft.
      • When glazed on both sides, the casserole is meant for oven cooking only.
      • Saute over high heat until vegetables are cooked through and glazed with butter.
      • Both glazed and unglazed terra-cotta pottery pieces are sold in markets.
      • The safest option is a glazed ceramic pot that has been fired at a high temperature.
      • The Indian navy has salvaged canons, porcelain and brown glazed pottery among other things.
      • Once dry, goblets and bowls were glazed, fired and ready for use.
      • Her lips were glazed with a sugary lip-gloss, and pink eyeliner highlighted her hazel eyes.
      • The second evening will involve painting and glazing the pottery piece.
      • Mia scampered off into the kitchen and came back with some scones with honey butter glazed on them.
      • Pork loin glazed with sweet honey, carrots, potatoes and salted herring.
      • What you expect are plump oysters, set on cushion of fresh, blanched spinach, napped with a buttery emulsion and flashed under the grill, just enough to cook the oyster and glaze the sauce.
      • Over the last five years he has explored the possibilities of hand-built, richly glazed ceramic sculpture.
      • Place in a hot oven for a few minutes to heat them through and then put under a hot grill to glaze the sugar.
      • The kiln that glazed them must have been the size of a bus.

    • 2.2

      (paper/leather/fabric) glasear

    • 2.3Cocina

      (fruit/ham/carrots/pastry) glasear

verbo intransitivo

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    (eyes) vidriarse
    • Lyra's eyes glazed slightly, trying to explain.
    • And a lot of those things that you have mentioned are complicated and they make people's eyes glaze over.
    • Then other Web sites started saying, there were discrepancies between the fonts and the way these were used, and stuff that would make your eyes glaze over.
    • Today I made a big pot of corn and tomato stew and think I'll sit inside, watch the clouds and read magazines until my eyes glaze over.
    • Or is the big bloke still waffling on till your eyes glaze over?
    • His eyes glaze over when he tells me how he got to to this place.
    • When performing, her eyes seem to glaze over, creating what seems to be a hypnotic state, both for the performer and the audience.
    • Her sharp green eyes were glazed over and not focused as she stared down the wooden table.
    • Her face was completely dry, her eyes not glossy or glazed with unshed tears.
    • Her eyes glazing with tears, Martina stares at him as he walks behind her.
    • But tell me, are your eyes starting to glaze over?
    • Last night I was reminded once again that despite my best intentions, political discussions make my eyes glaze over like two yummy little doughnut holes.
    • Her voice was firm, almost amused, but her eyes were still slightly glazed over.
    • And if someone else does the arithmetic, most eyes will glaze over before anyone will ever get a chance to understand it.
    • I watched his bosom heave, his chest swell and his eyes glaze over.
    • Here, my eyes would glaze over as I flash backed to the summer I spent putting little purple microdot tabs of mescaline in my mouth, waiting for that hallucinatory high.
    • Before your eyes glaze over and you run screaming to the mall, $4.50 latte in hand, think for a moment about how you will pay your bills when your career ends.
    • Their eyes glaze over when you talk to them about the problem.
    • I don't know, as I sat and listened to this particular woman share horror story after horror story, my eyes began to glaze over and I felt my soul leave my body.
    • But frankly, too many facts and figures about corporations make my eyes glaze over and I expect yours would too.