Traducción de glee en Español:


regocijo, n.

Pronunciación /ɡli//ɡliː/


  • 1

    regocijo masculino
    júbilo masculino literario
    to laugh/shout with glee reírse/gritar de alegría / con regocijo
    • he listened with great glee to their sorry tale se regodeaba al oír su triste historia
    • No doubt the ordinary citizens of England and Wales are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect.
    • Between each new variation comes another burst of jubilant glee.
    • Too often their misfortunes are met with glee, a schadenfreude that is quite horrifying.
    • His phrasing is razor-sharp and should be served with relish and glee.
    • Of course e-cards and virtual flowers are also welcome with great amounts of joy and glee.
    • A lot of people are relishing this situation with glee and waiting to see what I'll do.
    • With childish glee, I discovered an exercise bike with a television screen attached to the front.
    • His face, through the visor, was contorted in a weird grimace of glee as he brought the club down.
    • As she neared the end of the piece, a smile of glee and satisfaction began to appear on her face.
    • Some of the world's biggest arms manufacturers are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a war.
    • Her eyes went wide with delight as she spun around in glee, holding back a squeal.
    • Just goes to show how people equate quality with price, he says with glee.
    • She is full of sudden excited glee; it is like a different person is in her, pushing against her own skin to get out of her.
    • He jumps off the table and shouts with glee, thinking about the fortune waiting for him in the bank.
    • This discovery fills him with such glee that he never tires of proclaiming it.
    • A true sociopath, he takes great glee in humiliating and injuring the inmates.
    • I will admit we took a certain joy or glee in being in on something that others did not seem to know about.
    • Of course, I'll be rubbing my hands in glee at the thought of work being closed Monday.
    • You can feel the enthusiasm as he delightedly chews every line for its last bit of glee and evil intent.
    • Every hotel in the area is booked for election night as the media anticipate, some with glee, what might be the final act of his downfall.
  • 2

    composición para tres o más voces sin acompañamiento
    • Later, boys were paid to sing treble parts at meetings of glee clubs, and glees for SATB became more common.
    • Instrumental tutors were published and glees (simple part-songs for male voices) became popular.
    • Women were still restricted to the parlor, where they played keyboard instruments and the ‘English guitar’ and sang solos and a range of polite glees for upper and mixed voices.