Traducción de glimmer en Español:


brillar con luz trémula, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɡlɪmər//ˈɡlɪmə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (candles/lanterns/fireflies) brillar con luz trémula
    the stream glimmers in the moonlight la luz de la luna cabrillea en el arroyo literario
    • His police badge glimmered in the bright light of the sun streaming in through the doorway and windows.
    • Chests of gold and jewels and riches appeared before him, glimmering in the darkness.
    • His dark eyes, streaked with shining silver, glimmered in the blue sunlight.
    • The fish caught in the trap glimmered in the sun from their movements.
    • The cold steel glimmered brightly, being bathed in sun's rays.
    • He looked up to see a wall before him, glimmering in the sun.
    • Her spectacles caught the light from somewhere and glimmered under the straight blonde of her hair.
    • It was sundown, the skies were dark orange, the temple and its worshippers glimmered in pools of light and dark.
    • His short blond hair glimmered in the light which shone into the walkways and halls.
    • The sun light glimmered into the room through the large window on the wall.
    • The white lights of the hall glimmered on the drops of rain that spotted his coat.
    • In his strong hands was a tiny medallion, which glimmered in the light.
    • His shoulder length blonde hair always glimmered faintly, even in complete darkness.
    • He pointed beyond a cluster of trees and bushes, where something metallic glimmered in the early sunlight.
    • The city lights in the distance glimmered, but mostly all the houses on the street were dark.
    • She had on a beautiful red gown that glimmered as the light hit it.
    • He seemed to be struggling to speak, and his eyes seemed to glimmer slightly.
    • Her eyes glimmered in the light and she beckoned us in.
    • The buildings looked like crystal statues that glimmered in the light.
    • She turned her head away from him, not wanting to see the way his eyes glimmered in the moonlight.


  • 1

    (of candle, light)
    luz débil y trémula femenino
    luz tenue y trémula femenino
  • 2

    (of understanding)
    atisbo masculino
    there's a glimmer of hope hay un rayo / un rayito de esperanza