Traducción de glimmerings en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡlɪmərɪŋz//ˈɡlɪmərɪŋz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    the glimmerings of an idea el germen de una idea
    • There are other distant glimmerings of hope, too.
    • Opportunities for creative expression should not be reserved for children who ‘earn’ them through obedience or because they display early glimmerings of star potential.
    • Perhaps the first glimmerings of this were the Hague Peace Conferences in 1899 and 1907 which considered various restraints on war and weapons.
    • Each section had the glimmerings of a good plot, but they all petered out into nothing very much.
    • But by about 1956 I could see the glimmerings of the recognition that something was wrong, and then of course I was invited several times to Princeton.
    • But I do think that as we move further, you're starting to see glimmerings of this in some experimental film documentaries for example.
    • It's common to look for the first glimmerings of a signature style in an artist's early works, but it's remarkable how quickly he got his act together.
    • Frustratingly unproductive weekend, caused partly by the momentary glimmerings of a social life and partly by my own hopelessness and indolence.
    • I think that some animals have some glimmerings of foresight.
    • Due to some remarkable combination of intervention of her father and brother, Kelly has landed a record contract and has the first glimmerings of success in her future.
    • This past year, though, has seen glimmerings of a revival in commercial, and particularly entrepreneurial, space.
    • Some companies are just beginning to see the glimmerings of a brighter picture and it would be wrong to choke off that potential.
    • The years following the French Revolution witnessed the glimmerings of a new interest in medieval objects, some of which came to be viewed with nationalist pride.
    • My fear is that although there are glimmerings of the notion of sustainability in this Budget, it is largely about perpetuating the status quo and the unsustainable.
    • We see the first glimmerings of what the great political scientist Robert C. Tucker calls an ‘ethic of specieshood.’
    • Oddly enough, I felt only the faintest glimmerings of anger.
    • Despite glimmerings of a recovery, its economy remains weak.
    • I had a few glimmerings of energy but nothing compared to one of your concerts.
    • From the first glimmerings of the idea of human rights in the UN Charter to its actual conception and final parturition in the declaration, it had to face indifference and hostility.
    • As we enter a dramatically altered world, both internationally and domestically, it is only natural that we look to history for bearings, points of comparison, glimmerings of the familiar.