Traducción de glister en Español:


refulgir, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɡlɪstər//ˈɡlɪstə/

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    • When I look to your sumptuous brown eyes that are glistering from pleasure and shine from intelligence.
    • When he was finished, he pointed to a massive city with gigantic skyscrapers rising from its depths glistering with the rising sun behind it.
    • His bright whites were glistering in the dull train lights as he smiled at her.
    • Once this had been a forested and watered land with cool, blue, springs glistering in the caves, trickling out of the fissures, cutting ravines with their silver, gushing, flow.
    • Her lips were layered with glistering, crimson lipstick, her eyes covered with sparkling pink eye shadow.