Traducción de glitter en Español:


relumbrar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɡlɪdər//ˈɡlɪtə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    emitir destellos


  • 1

    destello masculino
    brillo masculino
    • Artistically ripped jeans hung gracefully around his gently jutting hips, his bright t-shirts bringing out the glitter of his eyes.
    • The sun's rays kiss the body of the mountains as the frosts on the grass melts and the dew drops on the flower sparkle like a diamond to the glitter of light.
    • Suddenly a glitter of light from the far end of the cavern caught her gaze, Darren thought it was a way out but as he and Jenny got closer, it wasn't.
    • When the group had hit ground, there was a faint glitter of light in the distance.
    • It is dark, apart from the glitter of icons and the lights in front of the iconostasis.
    • His eyes were catching moonlight coming in through the back doors, throwing a glitter just beside the pupils.
    • Suddenly a small glitter of light on the ground caught her eye.
    • He flipped it into the air, watching the flash and glitter of the light on the blade.
    • My first cat, Jimmy, loved to lie under the tree and gently bat one particular ornament back and forth between his paws to watch the glitter shimmer on its blue surface.
    • The alley was pitch black except for the reflected glitter of the water on the walls.
    • A head was peering out at him from around the end of one of the rows, long shiny hair, a glitter of eyes reflecting the light on the table.
    • He bit, and there was an outright flash of anger at that: ears flattening and a glitter of teeth in the firelight.
    • A stretch of water caught the light with a metallic glitter.
    • The dagger spun away in a glitter of moonlight on metal to clatter on riverbed rock.
    • He looked at her with eyes as bright as the glitter of dust on armor, and she shifted, suddenly uncomfortable.
  • 2

    (superficial brilliance)
    oropel masculino
    • The physical world has abundant glitter, but emptiness lies beneath its superficial shine.
    • ‘Glitz, glitter and glam add an element of fun to ageing and should be something to anticipate with excitement not something to dread,’ said Annie.
    • But within all of that smoke, glitter and corporate razzle dazzle, I feel like I'm loosing my edge and creativity.
    • Today's more tech-experienced teachers are also more able to see beyond a presentation's extra glitter to the quality of learning within.
    • But in my book, beauty without smiles and charm means very little in an industry overrun by glitz and glitter.
    • The more complex question is why some sports performers have that factor X which adds glitter to quality and makes a mere player into a personality.
    • Most magic shows these days are elaborately planned and executed events that feature well-choreographed dances that add glitter and glamour to the programme.
    • With their gloss and glitter and the glamour surrounding them, they provide nothing but a pretty spectacle for the viewer.
    • I don't really like all the diamonds and glitter of showbusiness.
    • There's glitter and glamour and spectacle in monarchy.
    • Many of his ideas were repolished notions from the past, set out attractively for an audience attracted as much by their glitter as their substance.
    • With less than four weeks remaining until December 25, the pressure is on to put the glitz, glitter, and shine into our homes.
    • The glitter and the silver are more than superficial accoutrements; if there's substance to be found here, it's in the veneer.
    • I think the whole concept of highlighting the servicing character of a hospital stems from an over-preoccupation with superficial glitter.
    • It brought harsh reality to the doorsteps of those listening to him, indeed it was a far cry from the ephemeral glitter and dazzle of the tinsel world in which they had been engrossed till then.
    • For that alone, it had attracted my attention, but he'd even added some glitter.
  • 3

    purpurina femenino
    brillantes masculino Argentina
    brillantina femenino Venezuela Uruguay
    brillo masculino Chile
    • Every speck of glitter is a tiny mirror reflecting the observer.
    • The card was wrapped in a purple envelope that was sprayed with some kind of perfume and decorated heavily with glitter.
    • It sparkled like glitter, and then disappeared.
    • Just tiny little sparkles of glitter on it that makes it so pretty.
    • Although the heel is low for comfort, the ivory shoes are decorated with glitter and pearls for beauty.
    • It was a midnight-blue gown, dusted with sparkly purple glitter.
    • Shake it up and you get sparkly glitter on your skin.
    • Perhaps you can even decorate them with glitter or other sparking elements.
    • It had a tint of glitter, and it sparkled with every turn.
    • Her dress was red, and long, the top part of her dress resembled a halter and the straps had sparkling glitter on it.
    • Slowly the spices changed a few subtle colors, and then started to sparkle like flying glitter.
    • It smells softly of rose and contains tiny pieces of fairy glitter designed to sparkle subtly - guaranteed to make you look like the cat's miaow.
    • Once upstairs, she found a wooden door marked with an A4 piece of cartridge paper, decorated with glitter and sequins and spelling out her first name in finger-painted letters.
    • Sticking so much glitter to any piece of bare flesh available, this manages to turn its wearer into a human snowball.
    • The final effect was rubbing a glue stick randomly on the snow and sprinkling it with silver glitter for that sparkly look that snow sometimes has.
    • It was purple and dusted with glitter and sparkles that seemed to pass for stars.
    • There was a bachelor party earlier on the evening, which resulted in a fair number of guys having tiny lavender glitter sticking to their faces.
    • The body of it was silver and white, with sparkly glitter.
    • These creations, which feature a sparkling surface into which glitter is compressed and then sealed, represent a fusion of contemporary and kitsch.
    • The gold, satin curtains, decorated with glitter, were tied back making them sparkle in the sunlight streaming through the crystal clear windows.