Traducción de gnaw en Español:


roer, v.

Pronunciación /nɔː//nɔ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (animal) roer
    the dog was gnawing a bone el perro roía un hueso
    • he was gnawed by doubts lo atormentaban las dudas
    • Both girls ceased their jitters and tried to stand at ease, gnawing away at their lips.
    • Now she takes you on a harrowing true life journey from childhood neglect so bad she gnawed at dog bones for nourishment.
    • It's not like there was anything special to see anyway, just a sophomore with mayonnaise dripping down the side of her mouth as she gnawed on a piece of lettuce.
    • They didn't completely consume it, but they gnawed on it enough to kill it.
    • He glanced over, she gnawed on her pencil reading the page.
    • Who hasn't chewed on gummy bears or gnawed on licorice candy?
    • I gnawed at my lip again; who, just who though, had wielded the knife?
    • As the song changed Trey sighed and turned down the music, he gnawed on his lip for a while before asking timidly, ‘Pixie?’
    • A little squirrel lost its tail, had its fur burnt off and went blind, but gnawed at the tree's branches until the heavenly globe could rise again.
    • I looked at him dourly and gnawed on my nail nervously.
    • The gaunt-faced man smiled to himself; he gnawed on a toothpick as the rolling country north of the river opened up before him.
    • I slowly gnawed at my food and eventually gave up eating.
    • I absentmindedly gnawed on some fries and chicken fingers while Patrick munched happily on his salad.
    • He gnawed at the bit and I allowed him to pick up a slow gallop.
    • Never the same place twice. Once when he seemed almost awake, I asked him if he was worried about having his face gnawed on by the rat, but there was no answer, just a sort of grunt.
    • She gnawed on the branch, her teeth slicing cleanly through the wood.
    • Then of course there were the rats that gnawed at the cables.
    • They may have eaten a Victoria plum, though I doubt they'll have gnawed on a Russet.
    • A serpent and its children perpetually gnawed at its roots.
    • As I gnawed at the greasy meat the lettuce and mayo slid out of the bun, plopping into the paper cone.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to gnaw at sth roer algo
    • he gnawed at his fingernails se comía las uñas
    • her conscience kept gnawing at her no dejaba de remorderle la conciencia