Traducción de go-by en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡoʊˌbaɪ//ˈɡəʊbʌɪ/


  • 1

    to give sb the go-by dejar a algn con el saludo en la boca
    • I saw her but she gave me the go-by la vi pero me dejó con el saludo en la boca
    • Of course the crew gave me the go-by.
    • We tried to salvo them every morning when we went or an all day walk and every evening wen we arrived back to the hotel, but they gave us the go-by.
    • Gamblers, ranchers and shepherds came to see us, but the Mexicans gave us the go-by.
    • Nearing Pembina, the governor expectant, family and suite gave us the go-by… They arrived at the Hudson's Bay Co. post October 18th.
    • I judge from these circumstances, that Covey deemed it best to give me the go-by.
    • His good woman has told him to go and his friends give him the go-by.
    • If we encourage our great firms now, they will carry out this work; but if not, some other Power will give us the go-by in submarines, as two or three have already done in airship design and use.
    • ‘It was hardly worth remembering till now,’ said the Tory, ‘I fancied a country girl to be rather pretty, because her name was Rose; but on acquaintance I changed my mind and gave her the go-by.’
    • We have always aimed at keeping in the first rank, and we are determined to keep there, and any company that tries to give us the go-by will have to get a better ship than the Ben-my-Chree, and that will be a good day's work for any of them.