Traducción de goalkeeper en Español:


portero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡoʊlˌkipər//ˈɡəʊlkiːpə/


  • 1

    portero masculino
    portera femenino
    guardameta femenino
    arquero masculino América Latina
    arquera femenino América Latina
    golero masculino Cono Sur
    golera femenino Cono Sur
    • In Gaelic football, goalkeepers will continue to use plastic tees.
    • As he reached the penalty area he calmly slotted the ball past the goalkeeper.
    • Last night it was much more haphazard, so much so that it ended with a goalkeeper scoring the winner.
    • That must include 16 who are available to play, 14 outfield players and two goalkeepers.
    • Solano clipped the ball past the isolated goalkeeper to score into an empty net.
    • Excluding goalkeepers, what is the longest stretch of games a player has played without scoring for his own team?
    • There have been some excellent goalkeepers in English football over the years.
    • Even a training game goal is a personal defeat for the goalkeepers.
    • Both sides started well with play flowing up and down the pitch and shots on both goals testing the goalkeepers.
    • The Italian goalkeeper had no chance with the first two goals but he might have done better with the third.
    • He argues that because goalkeepers can handle the ball in the penalty area, they therefore should not be allowed to kick the ball outside of it.
    • He generates great power and bend on the ball which always deceives goalkeepers.
    • Goals are scored by throwing the ball past the opposing goalkeeper into the net.
    • My favourite used to be the goalkeepers who caught the ball under the crossbar and then managed to kick it out from the edge of the box.
    • He is also targeting a senior goalkeeper and has a few names on his short-list to consider.
    • It is worth a risk because the goalkeeper was out of his goal and it worked.
    • He's the best goalkeeper and has played in goal for a long time and not let us down.
    • The goalkeepers were under such pressure, no wonder they conceded goals.
    • I understand that the goalkeepers are the only players allowed to handle the ball.
    • I think if we are relying on goalkeepers scoring goals then I won't be long in this business.