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Pronunciación /ˈɡəʊltɛndə//ˈɡoʊlˌtɛndər/



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    • Talking about the challenges and pressures he faced, O'Connell then worked his way through the coaches, forwards, defensemen and goaltenders and told them what they have to overcome.
    • Each team can protect players under one of the two following combinations: one goaltender, five defensemen and nine forwards or two goaltenders, three defensemen and seven forwards.
    • You still have to protect the goaltender - especially from incidental contact in the crease because goalies are fair game again.
    • I remember being goaltender for most of the year because I was back-up goalie and the goaltender got the measles for most of the season.
    • But most coaches, Sutter included, say their best penalty killer is their goaltender.
    • Several defensemen and goaltenders were equally deserving of consideration because of their critical importance to their teams' success.
    • Much like goaltenders, defensemen mature slowly.
    • ‘I used to be a stand-up goaltender,’ says Rangers and Team USA goalie Mike Richter.
    • But one NHL team official says comparing different cities' prices is like comparing goaltenders to defensemen.
    • He notes other ways goaltenders cheat - such as wearing their goalie pads loose so they drop in a way that covers the net better, even when they can't get into position.
    • Apparently, some of the Avalanche goaltender's playoff magic has rubbed off on rookie left winger Alex Tanguay, who has lived in Roy's basement all season.
    • The game's dominant wingers play the right side, and a right-catching goaltender can be a tough puzzle for shooters to solve.
    • After that, the rule was changed to specify that a goaltender must defend against a penalty shot.
    • Here's a look at the goaltenders, defensemen and forwards who might never be in such a precarious spot again.
    • They know how many times he has been whacked and hacked by opposing defensemen and goaltenders.
    • And since its hard-bitten goaltender turned in three shutouts in the first round, the team's fans have turned rabid in the heat.
    • Sure, but the best defensemen and goaltenders would be up against the best of the offense.
    • Richter recorded nine postseason shutouts as the Rangers goaltender.
    • His quickness in going to the net often catches defensemen and goaltenders asleep.
    • Teams have gone overseas to find battle-tested goaltenders and seasoned puck-handling defensemen to help run the power play.