Traducción de goblet en Español:


copa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɑblət//ˈɡɒblɪt/


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    copa femenino
    • Although I am not a fan of the huge oversized glasses commonly employed, I am happy to see the quality of the glassware has increased immensely, with clumsy, shallow glass goblets being replaced by more appropriate crystal stems.
    • Thomas had already set out two crystal wine goblets and a wine decanter; before she could protest, he was presenting her with a dry white wine.
    • I've been to several timeshare presentations in the past, once acquiring a set of crystal goblets and on another occasion spending a free weekend at Port Owen (second prize, two free weekends at Port Owen).
    • Chill the champagne and polish the crystal goblets!
    • Her best china had been set along with brightly polished silverware and crystal goblets.
    • Without hesitating, she strode to the pillar supporting the glass chalice and firmly grasped the goblet by the stem.
    • By the 1930s, people were commonly referring to the tall goblet in crystal sets as an ‘iced tea’ glass.
    • I cried out, screamed, and threw the crystal goblet that I had been drinking from across the room.
    • Munro has made this interplay explicit with some pieces, such as the goblets, where the stem is made of alternating blocks of black and transparent glass.
    • It is the only compartment in the small restaurant, which has a long European-style table and crystal goblets.
    • It just goes to show the amazing amount of superb work that goes on in this Trust and everyone who received their crystal goblets and certificates today should feel very proud of the contribution they have made.
    • Sparkling glass goblets and mugs refracted the light just as the silver reflected it.
    • Then the break ended and she was back to washing the gold rimmed china and crystal goblets and glasses, cleaning the sterling silver and stainless steel, it was endless.
    • Tara grinned as she filled the crystal goblets.
    • I watched fascinated as long fingers played with the stem of the goblet he was holding and I saw those fingers tighten in irritation as my father's voice rose in temper.
    • Molly's sister complied, taking a sip of the punch that was currently being poured by the hotel staff into elegant crystal goblets at each place setting.
    • Huge crystal goblets full of water or fine wines sparkled in the candlelight amongst the shining silver cutlery.
    • There were four long tables set with glistening silver and huge crystal goblets.
    • There is no specific division between a wine glass and a goblet except that the latter is larger, but a very small glass is called a cordial.
    • Dressed in beautiful clothing, these courtiers and children eat a bountiful feast and drink from beautifully crafted goblets.