Traducción de gobsmacked en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡɒbsmakt//ˈɡɑbˌsmækt/



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    I was gobsmacked me quedé patidifuso / patitieso coloquial
    • I was gobsmacked to hear the Nottingham game had been cancelled, but it was all timed to perfection by SMG.
    • I was gobsmacked to hear, in a set of headlines today, that the coalition was suffering ‘significant casualties’.
    • The few times I did walk away, she would be utterly gobsmacked by my actions.
    • ‘I think children and parents are going to be gobsmacked when they look around,’ he said, speaking ahead of yesterday's open day.
    • Have you then seen the same old coffin dodger like ten years later and been utterly gobsmacked to see them still alive and kicking?
    • I'd never been so utterly gobsmacked by the beauty of a place.
    • ‘It was a real bargain,’ said the gobsmacked health service worker, who doesn't even like football.
    • He was gutted, gobsmacked, and didn't care who knew.
    • I watched, gobsmacked, as he was blindfolded and went on to identify random objects from the crowd by passing his hands over them but not touching them.
    • ‘We were gobsmacked by the success of the film, we couldn't believe it,’ Borland says.
    • There are still some things in life which leave me utterly gobsmacked.
    • Steve, the centre's deputy head of operations, sounding like a man who might be gobsmacked to hear that this wasn't universal behaviour in the British working population.
    • I'm pretty gobsmacked that it's being considered.
    • Fernandez recently threw a party for one of his daughters at the Royal Botanical Gardens, to which gobsmacked guests were ferried in limos and greeted by mock paparazzi.
    • I felt angry and tricked and was totally gobsmacked.
    • He was just glowing afterwards, he was gobsmacked.
    • There are times when you run out of words to describe the actions of local politicians - you are sometimes left gobsmacked by the sheer audacity of their decisions.
    • Since then we've been gobsmacked with the response.
    • Needless to say, the girlies - many of whom may have defended their idols in the playground against gay rumours - were gobsmacked.
    • Fielding at short mid wicket he took off, flung himself full length to his left and caught the ball in his outstretched left hand leaving Young gobsmacked.