Traducción de God en Español:


Dios, n.

Pronunciación /ɡɒd//ɡɑd/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      Dios masculino
      God be with you vaya (usted) con Dios anticuado
      • God helps those who / as help themselves ayúdate que Dios te ayudará

    • 1.2

      God! ¡Dios (santo)!
      • God Almighty! ¡bendito sea Dios!
      • God, I was terrified! ¡Dios / Jesús, qué miedo pasé!
      • oh, God, I don't know! ¡y yo qué sé!
      • by God, I'll make him do it! ¡como que me llamo Ana (or Carlos etc.) que lo va a hacer!
      • dear God! ¡Dios mío!
      • dear God, please let them be all right! Dios mío, que no les pase nada
      • my God, he's got a nerve! ¡Dios, qué cara tiene!
      • I wish to God I hadn't come ojalá no hubiera venido
      • I hope to God it never happens Dios quiera que nunca suceda
      • would to God that I had never met her ¡maldita sea la hora en que la conocí!

  • 2god

    (deity, idol)
    dios masculino
    now he's boss, he's become a little tin god ahora que es director se ha convertido en un pequeño dictador
    • The gracious God allowed Adam and Eve to live, though he banished them from the Garden of Eden.
    • She asks the professor if he believes that there is a God who created the Universe and guides His creation.
    • She was advised to pray to the God of the Christians, who has power over all spirits.
    • Boris goes to his death knowing that there is a God and that the universe has a meaning.
    • However, the Christian belief is that God created a man to have sex with a woman.
    • What if the God at issue is the Trinitarian God of Christian worship and theology?
    • Its difficult for us to neatly categorise Jesus, this love of God, as a Christian or a Jew.
    • The same God who sent ravens to feed his prophet had used the most unlikely person in the town to meet our need.
    • For in order to save us in such a way as to satisfy himself, God through Christ substituted himself for us.
    • Our boldness should proclaim the mercy of God in Christ, even as it condemns evil in the world around us.
    • From moral relativism to denying the unique moral authority of God was a short step.
    • We have a place in the universe God has created, and we are fully subject to its processes.
    • Even the Christian God at times would come into my dreams and makes himself known.
    • Both had wide platforms built around them in stone and mud, with three images of entwined snake gods embedded in the mud, close to the tree trunks.
    • Never the less she saw on the front of the golden band it was one of the dragon god's symbols.
    • Yeah but this still doesn't answer the origin of the animal gods.
    • I suppose that he is now in a place that his Christian God feels is his just retirement.
    • It is vital that the churches know God through Christ and the gospel of grace.
    • Christianity is what God has done for man in seeking him and reaching down to help him.
    • You're likely to by killed by a pant-dampening array of ferocious animal gods.
    • All of us are sinful, we have all done wrong and this separates us from our creator God.
    • Worshipping the true God is an authentic act of resistance to all forms of idolatry.
    • A mountain is god, a river is god, and animals have natural and supernatural values.
    • Nanak says God is the Creator and He Himself explains His Command to the true devotees.
    • In God's providence he had the opportunity to do something about this that July.
  • 3gods plural

    the gods el gallinero
    • I feel robbed at not having the chance of sitting in the gods humming along with the line quoted below.