Traducción de godsend en Español:


bendición (del cielo), n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɑdˌsɛnd//ˈɡɒdsɛnd/


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    bendición (del cielo) femenino
    the check was a godsend el cheque me (or nos etc.) vino como caído del cielo
    • We've just lost material things and they're insured, which is a godsend.
    • Would this be a godsend for busy parents or a wrong turn for childcare?
    • With all the changes that have occurred in my life recently, it was a godsend to have company this past week.
    • An object of derision though she may be to some, to others the celebrity fashion icon is a godsend, for rarely does she also possess a model figure.
    • That innate shallow streak of mine can be a godsend at times.
    • This article is a godsend because it is extremely difficult to get people to understand why my son is on a special diet.
    • Hardly the most mouthwatering clash for spectators, it's easy to see why these games are godsends for managers.
    • Still, for the frantic chef, the electronic option is a godsend - just be sure to process only briefly or use the pulse button.
    • Mass tourism still hasn't reached here, and this is a godsend.
    • The New York Times scandals have been a godsend to people who enjoy arguing about the media.
    • So the 1996 film Brassed Off was a godsend in one sense, but a mixed blessing in another.
    • And the presence of a coach on a full-time basis has been a godsend.
    • And, counting all the godsends we've received so far, we're way past the normal limit; and they're still coming in.
    • I must've seemed a godsend to him - the next best thing to a captive audience.
    • He meant they were godsends to the starving and the homeless.
    • Many of them are pretty computer averse, so anything that reduces their interaction with the computers is a godsend.
    • Jacqueline Lloyd, project co-ordinator, said the money was a godsend.
    • Being insured is not the godsend that some people think it is.
    • Given that some of the eccentric roles are godsends to actors, it is how they carry them off that separate the best from the rest.
    • The Australian English dictionary we brought from home, and similar ones on the internet have been a godsend.