Traducción de goggle-eyed en Español:


de ojos saltones, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡɑɡəl ˈˌaɪd///



  • 1

    (person) de ojos saltones
    they stood watching goggle-eyed se quedaron mirando con los ojos abiertos como platos coloquial
    • If being headachy and somewhat goggle-eyed is the price to pay for maintaining one's friendships through the internet, I can probably handle it a while longer.
    • The moment, for instance, when our hero arrives goggle-eyed in the big Tampa Bay stadium is the best in the film.
    • With goggle-eyed disbelief, we follow the exploits of this audacious free-spirit, gifted with the ability of unflagging self-invention.
    • My hands trembled so hard that I was terrified of dropping her, and I can only imagine the slackjawed, goggle-eyed look of wonder that must have been pasted on my face.
    • There was a certain electrical frequency on a plane that usually prevented her from getting any meaningful rest and left her staring goggle-eyed at the white light of the in-flight movie while the rest of the cabin plunged into darkness.
    • As my mother stepped out of the U-Haul, she stared goggle-eyed up at it, as if it were a work of art, a masterpiece.
    • He really stared at me, goggle-eyed, with his mouth hanging open.
    • Matt stared at Sam, as goggle-eyed as a goldfish peering out of its bowl at an approaching cat.
    • Richard E. Grant (a teetotaller in ‘real-life’) is superb as the goggle-eyed, perpetually-wired, scarecrow-ish and amoral Withnail.
    • He gazed goggle-eyed at the monuments to the great and good interred there, and read their epitaphs with awe.
    • I don't stare goggle-eyed at them like the boys do.
    • It wasn't until later in the day that I saw the sweaty, goggle-eyed faces of the weather forecasters on the television and realised that somebody, somewhere, was playing a dirty trick on me.
    • ‘Their faces were an absolute picture, they were all goggle-eyed looking at the new toys and equipment,’ she said.
    • She was staring at him goggle-eyed only because she knew that it would irritate him.
    • Instead of trying to bend it like Beckham or going goggle-eyed at the latest computer game, the 14-year-old from Chadderton would much rather grab a hammer and head for the hills.
    • He was looking quite goggle-eyed when he'd worked out how much there's likely to be.
    • However, the goggle-eyed viewing didn't end there.
    • She stared goggle-eyed for a few seconds before giving a short yell of glee.
    • If these choices get too overwhelming, there's also a tasting menu at Craft, which I ordered on my second visit after staring goggle-eyed at the menu for a minute or two.
    • We were all goggle-eyed and we were taking it all in.