Traducción de goings-on en Español:


tejemanejes, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɡəʊɪŋzˈɒn//ˈˌɡoʊɪŋz ˈˌɑn/

sustantivo plural


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    (dubious conduct)
    tejemanejes masculino coloquial
    • Let's start on a dark note, with intrigue and sinister goings-on.
    • Although bullying itself might not have got any worse, what has changed is the way in which adult society looks at playground goings-on.
    • This book, a copy of the original 1861 classic, is focused almost entirely on the kitchen and the goings-on therein.
    • We generally celebrate our birthdays quietly, without much fuss or fancy goings-on.
    • It would give the Wasps a presence in the city as well as giving York supporters and rugby league fans in general a place to drink and mull over the latest goings-on.
    • The reason for this letter is because I am deeply concerned about certain events and goings-on around town.
    • She found her cottage in a ‘really nice village’ whose goings-on she was determined not to get involved with.
    • Meanwhile a local court has ordered an Assistant Commissioner to investigate into the goings-on and file a report.
    • The family, including nine children, were all sleeping downstairs because of the ghostly goings-on upstairs at their home.
    • The Observer is on the lookout for ghostly goings-on in local haunted houses and tales of the spine-tingling supernatural.
    • Such suspicions of shady goings-on in high places are common amongst the general public.
    • What I said was, it appears from the political goings-on that there was very much of a connection.
    • While some turn a blind eye to any extra-marital goings-on, others are less forgiving of their partner's behaviour.
    • It's a modern house, commanding magnificent vistas of Clew Bay and the mountains of Mayo as well as a bird's eye view of jetty goings-on.
    • However their display stand was full of information on the goings-on in the club.
    • Today we publish more pictures of the crazy goings-on during a day of chaotic collections and super sponsored events.
    • The Australian Medical Association has also raised a curious eyebrow at the apparent goings-on.
    • When you heard that he was now the chief suspect in this and all the goings-on, what did you make of it?
    • However, I understand he was kept informed of the goings-on by son Kevin, who was able to report back all the incidents via a mobile phone.
    • Strange goings-on, considering that public transit was supposed to be a priority for this administration.
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    sucesos masculino