Traducción de golden parachute en Español:

golden parachute

contrato blindado, n.


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    contrato blindado masculino
    • If you're about to launch an IT initiative big enough to warrant its own name, you should probably make sure you have a really good golden parachute.
    • Rather, he has baled out with a golden parachute.
    • Out goes the most powerful woman in corporate America, with a $45m golden parachute to help her to a nice soft landing.
    • Basic pay, bonuses, share holdings, option grants, pension contributions, benefits in kind, golden parachutes - they're all in the annual report.
    • Half the executives took their golden parachutes and the other half never came in to work.
    • The days of outlandish golden parachutes may be of yesteryear.
    • After all, what need would there be for golden parachutes if they believed that they and their corporations had a secure future?
    • There are no golden parachutes for ordinary workers who lose their jobs as a result of corporate mergers, downsizing and the plundering of company assets by millionaire executives.
    • Every record executive I know has health insurance, a nice house in the hills and a golden parachute.
    • But these fired CEOs are walking away with golden parachutes paying them more money for being fired than most Americans earn in a lifetime.
    • Companies are continuing to award executives with huge severance payoffs, or so-called golden parachutes.
    • The pair were referencing the exorbitant golden parachutes given just since last year to previous officials of the struggling airline.
    • While top executives get a gleaming golden parachute, the other 30,000 employees are on their own - goodbye and good luck.
    • The $100m golden parachute was on top of the $322m he made in the past three years from salary, bonuses and long-term compensation, such as exercised stock options.
    • Money could reach into the billions, given the oversized options, bonuses, and golden parachutes granted in recent years.
    • His decision to help out jobless workers stands in stark contrast to the many chiefs who grab the golden parachute and merely wave good-bye.
    • Rumours are spread about CEOs who get golden parachutes and entrepreneurs who leave with pockets stuffed full of cash.
    • He liked the sweet golden parachute that came with his retirement.
    • There were no such golden parachutes for the over half a million laid-off telecom workers.
    • Still, he left with a 7-figure golden parachute, and only the unitholders were unhappy.