Traducción de golden retriever en Español:

golden retriever

golden retriever, n.


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    • At a point, the path split and in the middle of the fork in the path sat a large golden retriever, her belly fat with puppies.
    • Her love and interests were in her family and friends, her walks with her two beautiful golden retrievers, her cups of tea, going to town and shopping trips to Cork or Dublin.
    • Most of the dogs at the plant were golden retrievers.
    • They were hiking with their dog, a golden retriever named Taj.
    • In the waiting-room, a Labrador, a golden retriever and a terrier eye each other warily as they await their call.
    • I ran into Claire on Saturday when she was out with her dog, a beautiful golden retriever, named Silver, of all things.
    • The owner of six dogs herself, Mrs Ray said border collies were the quickest to learn steps, golden retrievers looked ‘nice and stylish’ when they got going and poodles loved to act the clown anyway.
    • He noted that cougars are often mistaken for golden retrievers and his best advice for anyone who suddenly comes upon a cougar is to stay still, make no noise and, if possible, try to back away from it.
    • Animal experts also say the breed is actually well behaved and outperforms the cuddly golden retriever in behavioural tests.
    • At weekends, he swaps his Honda Accord for a Toyota Landcruiser to join a club of off-road enthusiasts, walk his golden retrievers on the Great Wall and enjoy an evening barbecue.
    • Eric let go of the dog's collar and the golden retriever then charged at Hanna once again, knocking her back and licking her face over.
    • When she opened her eyes she found a golden retriever trying to be a lap dog.
    • The dog, a small golden retriever, stood unhappily, her head low.
    • Its greeting-card image notwithstanding, the golden retriever is a working dog, powerful and energetic.
    • As I walked through Ethan O'Brien's back door, I knelt down to pet his golden retriever, Homer, who was going out to the backyard.
    • She's a golden retriever and she was the cutest puppy you have ever seen.
    • It's a mix between a golden retriever and a mini poodle.
    • Willow, their golden retriever, is one of the happiest and friendliest dogs you'll ever meet.
    • There were a wide variety of dogs at the workshop ranging from Shetland sheep dogs to golden retrievers.
    • Neighbors strolled by, waving hello, and golden retrievers exchanged friendly woofs.