Traducción de golden syrup en Español:

golden syrup

miel de caña, n.



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    miel de caña femenino
    (usada en repostería) melaza de caña femenino
    • Line the bottom of the bowl with - for example - some golden syrup, or jam.
    • Most recipes rely on the old method of melting treacle, golden syrup, and brown sugar with quantities of butter, before adding flour.
    • Serve with a sauce made with two tablespoonfuls of Lyle's golden syrup and the juice of a lemon, heat this on the fire until thoroughly hot but do not boil.
    • As they are fairly neutral in flavour you can also eat them spread with jam, or hot and drizzled with golden syrup.
    • Its all in the wrist action - you have to put the right amount of golden syrup over the pineapple rings by controlling the spoon!
    • These ones, roasted with golden syrup and mustard were particularly moreish.
    • In another bowl or jug, place the milk, water, eggs, golden syrup, and fresh yeast.
    • Combine butter and golden syrup in a small glass bowl or jug and heat in the microwave until butter has melted.
    • She could almost taste the luscious golden syrup in her mouth.
    • ‘I like them best straight of the oven, broken up and served with golden syrup and cream,’ said Mr Joplin.
    • Be aware that sucrose, glucose, glucose syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup, treacle, invert sugar (a mix of glucose and sugar used in making boiled sweets), honey, dextrose and maltose are all added sugars.
    • If you have a typically British palate, and like your chocolate puddings to taste like Yorkie bars, condensed milk and golden syrup, then you would probably like the chocolate nemesis cheesecake with dark chocolate sorbet.
    • Put the butter, sugar, cream and golden syrup into a pan and leave over a low heat until the sugar has melted.
    • The Anzac biscuit, using oats and golden syrup, was an improvement on the jaw-breaking wartime Anzac wafer issued by the army, and remains popular.
    • Put the butter, golden syrup, honey and brown sugar into a microwave-proof jug.
    • Wasabi, white miso paste and sushi rice share space with tins of golden syrup (for treacle tart) and packets of Smarties.
    • So I would try and improvise some gleeful tea-time treat, stirring in a little butter, golden syrup or honey, along with handfuls of raisins, cornflakes or rice crispies, or maybe broken digestive biscuits.
    • Beat the eggs, then the sugar, golden syrup, vanilla and the cooled, melted butter until smooth, and pour over the pecans to the top of the pastry (you may not use all the filling).
    • Then he would come home, and Saturday lunch would be some kind of special event, which included, as its invariable dessert, suet pudding with golden syrup and custard.