Traducción de goldfield en Español:


yacimiento de oro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɡoʊl(d)fild//ˈɡəʊl(d)fiːld/


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    yacimiento de oro masculino
    • There was more than one way to strike it rich in the goldfields of the North.
    • There was rapid growth in the town in the 1860s as miners going to or from the Central Otago goldfields came to the town.
    • On behalf of the industry, Christie welcomed conference attendees to the Klondike goldfields.
    • An hour later I found myself standing in the middle of a pub called the Golden Vine, by far one of the better institutions of intoxication in the central goldfields.
    • It was built to satisfy the demand for an improved route to the goldfields on the West Coast.
    • Howitt himself became interested in geology through his activities on the goldfields as prospector and mining warden.
    • He trained and worked as a surveyor, but, because of the Depression, tried his luck on the goldfields of South Westland.
    • The New Zealand Minerals Industry Association estimates there is $30 billion worth of gold in the Hauraki goldfields but most is under Conservation Department land which can not be mined.
    • Tucker had left Rhode Island for the goldfields in 1849, but soon lost contact with home.
    • On 6 July 1899 the Worturpa district was officially declared a goldfield.
    • A map of Victoria in 1869 showed most of the colony, except for the Western District and the central goldfields, still under forest cover.
    • Later, he paddled up the Amazon in a canoe, tried his luck on the Californian goldfields, and settled in Australia where he raced a grand clipper ship, Queen of Sheba, and became a pioneer of steamboat technology.
    • Eileen's grandfather was a tailor by trade, an Irishman who had gone to Australia to the goldfields of Bendigo where Eileen's father was born.
    • In this stanza he is referring to his home town of Grenfell in this state, where he was born in a tent on the goldfields.
    • It is a day's drive north from Alice Springs and was at one stage the third-richest goldfield of Australia.
    • The raid by guards on the stockade set up by diggers in the Victorian goldfields only lasted an hour.
    • This game appears to have been invented by Irish miners on the goldfields of Victoria in the 1850s.
    • The desire to increase the female population on the goldfields was popular among administrators and legislators, but it was also a move not surprisingly favoured by the men themselves.
    • Early projection devices were frequented around the Johannesburg goldfields from 1895 on.
    • On Kangaroo Island there was a goldfield named after him as well as the Goyder Range and the Goyder Range Branch Creek.