Traducción de gondolier en Español:


gondolero, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɡɒndəˈlɪə//ˌɡɑndəˈlɪr/


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    gondolero masculino
    gondolera femenino
    • It was thought the picture, which shows gondoliers and sailors at work in 18th century Venice, was a copy by an imitator or student of the artist and had been valued at no more than £5,000.
    • Sadly there wasn't any more time for some of our crew to further acquaint themselves with our gondoliers, as we had to make a speedy getaway to the ferry to take us back to the bus.
    • As we ate, a passing gondolier serenaded his passengers.
    • So Helfand and crew jetted to Venice, home of gondoliers, canals, and Enichem, one of the largest vinyl manufacturing plants in Europe.
    • Sometimes gondoliers and sailors in costume were hired to ply the waters of the Grand Canal while musicians played on shore.
    • In Venice she slept in the garden of a gondolier; in Thailand she hung out with a family that showed her the art of fruit carving.
    • Our gondolier is Francesca, born on the Adriatic coast of Italy, raised in Southern California.
    • The Canadian pair, who have been dating for over a year, cuddled up on a heart-shaped seat while they were serenaded by the gondolier.
    • What a colourful sight the gondoliers make in their straw boaters and striped sweaters, but we heard none of them singing.
    • The Venetian has gondolas with gondoliers who imitate Italian accents.
    • But it also gives you a chance to applaud the skills of the colourful gondoliers as they pass each other, separated it seems by a mere lick of paint, with deft, well-practised wiggles of their single oars.
    • Candide points out that the singing gondoliers must be happy.
    • To the right, a different type of water hazard awaits, in the canals of the Venetian - singing gondoliers and all.
    • Returning on the boat we were discussing the Venetian gondoliers.
    • Your mother and I met in Venice, where I was working as a gondolier.
    • When the narrator sees her being poled around her swimming pool by a niece impersonating a gondolier, we may be reminded that hers is not the first Venice imported to Southern California.
    • The gondoliers are protesting a law prohibiting gondola rides in Venice's famed canals during the morning rush hour.
    • It is no coincidence that Hartley himself, in Venice, fell for a gondolier.
    • We admired the Basilica, explored interesting side streets and leaned over bridges to watch stately gondoliers bend effortlessly as they passed underneath.
    • Among their plans to makeover Macao's casino scene is Adelson's vision of an indoor version of Venice's Grand Canal, complete with singing gondoliers.