Traducción de goner en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈɡɔnər//ˈɡɒnə/



  • 1

    if you move, you're a goner si te mueves, eres hombre muerto coloquial
    • the car's a goner el coche está en las últimas
    • ‘They say I was nearly a goner,’ he told MacPherson.
    • We have to keep the idea that there will be some sort of rational accountability for such acts alive in this culture or we are goners.
    • Just when she thought she was a goner, someone had saved her from yet another bullet wound.
    • ‘If it had happened at night, we would have all been goners,’ he said.
    • Unfortunately, if a man is captured he's probably a goner.
    • I really thought I was a goner, but it just wasn't meant to be.
    • This one's a definite goner and I'll need a false tooth.
    • According to zoo officials, an animal in the wild suffering from Laminitis is a goner, as it won't be able to walk about looking for food, let alone run to save itself from predators.
    • Five more minutes in there and I'd have been a goner.
    • ‘I thought I was a goner,’ I tell Gregory, who is the first person I see when I come walking up the empty beach carrying my float.
    • I don't know if I thought I was a goner, but I guess I am lucky to be here.
    • I thought she was a goner during the first asthma attack last night.
    • My goodness me, one more boat load and we were goners!
    • I thought he was a goner - the car was just about to go off the side of the road, but I kept talking to him and eventually gave him the confidence to get out of the car.
    • For a while I didn't think I was going to make it, I thought the boat would be a goner for sure.
    • In chess, if you move your knight on to a pawn's square, the pawn's a goner.
    • Luckily she is a infuriatingly cautious driver, otherwise she could have been a goner.
    • We all thought she was a goner after her dramatic turn for the worst last week.
    • Every lobby group in the world tells me I am a goner unless I back their cause.
    • Jackie said: ‘I thought she was a goner and it was really frightening for us.’