Traducción de good-for-nothing en Español:


inútil, n.

Pronunciación /ɡʊdfəˈnʌθɪŋ//ˈɡʊd fər ˌnəθɪŋ/


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    inútil masculino
    calamidad femenino
    • Novelists are a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings, obviously.
    • It surely would sound sarcastic if these pampered good-for-nothings were to condescend to socialize with manual workers and make friends with them.
    • Naturally, given the spiteful nature that those good-for-nothings have, it follows that they would wrest what little strength we have from us.
    • My friends were right; I never should have dated a good-for-nothing like you!
    • You are told that you are poor because your father is too stupid or too shiftless to find a decent job; or that he is a good-for-nothing who has abandoned you to a mother who cannot cope.
    • He thought I was a drug-taking bohemian good-for-nothing.
    • If someone has successfully completed an epic, exhausting, hazardous journey to get here, why assume that they will become lazy, work-shy good-for-nothings when they arrive?
    • No, fancy stuff like that was for the layabouts, the good-for-nothings, the dreamers, those who didn't have a clue as to what was what.
    • But the lad turned out to be a good-for-nothing.
    • I know I'm not because I'm trying to help a good-for-nothing like you with love.
    • By the look Merle's grandmother was giving me I was sure she thought I was a good-for-nothing.
    • To practical men of business like them he is the epitome of the wastage of human energy, he is a good-for-nothing.
    • From the moment you met me, you decided that I was a good-for-nothing who lived for making trouble.
    • They can think of nothing to say or do but whinge the greedy good-for-nothings.
    • Edie Falco plays Marly, a hard-drinking late-thirtysomething woman, working at her dad's motel and diner, hassled by her good-for-nothing ex-husband and pining for a way out of there.
    • I'm a lazy good-for-nothing at heart, so I don't want to waste my precious leisure time paying bills.
    • He always seemed to be doing things in a way to show her that she was a good-for-nothing.
    • Well, Charles, is at best a stony-faced pampered blue-blooded good-for-nothing.
    • On the other hand, if the good-for-nothing in the next cubicle earns five dollars more an hour than you do, that could be the source of great indignation, uneasiness, and unhappiness.
    • ‘Little good-for-nothing,’ he keeps muttering.


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    que no sirve para nada
    • Go tell your brothers to do their homework since I know they're playing their good-for-nothing video games.
    • The thought of that poor little girl kidnapped because of her good-for-nothing father made me feel sick.
    • I know and am perfectly aware that we're stuck with stupid good-for-nothing Carolyn.
    • Because that's how I see him, I don't like him or his annoying, arrogant, good-for-nothing friends.
    • Hunter, you will die before tonight, you useless, good-for-nothing idiot.
    • Bacon was an apolitical, good-for-nothing gambler with no principles to blind him to reality.
    • But you could do great things for this good-for-nothing school!
    • A group of good-for-nothing thugs are out to kidnap Jack.
    • He says he has invested too much to let her just become a good-for-nothing musician.
    • We'll figure out what to do with that miserable good-for-nothing Count.
    • She was going crazy and it was all because of her good-for-nothing family.
    • Unfortunately, the hotel's concierge is Richard's sister, Valerie, and she would like nothing better than to see her good-for-nothing brother fall on his face.
    • Maybe you should ask him why he found it so easy to blame his good-for-nothing buddies for those marks on his back.
    • In this blackness I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that good-for-nothing hoodlum.
    • Finally, she saw what she had been hoping for: the worn out brake pads that her lazy, good-for-nothing father hadn't replaced.
    • I am ashamed to see that you are a lazy good-for-nothing slob and are unable to find this information for yourself.
    • It's time to finish off what those good-for-nothing soldiers of mine couldn't do.
    • They're just lazy good-for-nothing ignoramuses who are much better at civil disobedience and rioting than they could ever be at the much more difficult task of government and administration.
    • I knew what the lady had said was just a lie cooked up by my lazy, good-for-nothing parents to get me to come home.
    • Kathy has no hope for that good-for-nothing son of hers, of course, and so she's damn jealous of you.