Traducción de good-tempered en Español:


de buen humor, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡʊd ˈˌtɛmpərd///


  • 1

    (person) de buen humor
    (person) afable
    (discussion/debate) cordial
    • Parker's big-bellied appearance and his good-tempered and kind-hearted manner make him seem better suited to the role of English landlord than highly successful producer.
    • She has also trained herself to meet the standards of a graceful, understanding, good-tempered and virtuous wife.
    • Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle learn that Darcy is, according to his housekeeper, a kind, generous, good-tempered man.
    • This pony was an absolute pet - chestnut with a white blaze, very good-tempered, but with spirit, and of course I said ‘Yes’.
    • She had no doubt of Harriet's happiness with any good-tempered man; but with him, and in the home he offered, there would be the hope of more, of security, stability, and improvement.
    • All the customers were different, and as he was a new waiter, he didn't know how to tell the difference between a good-tempered and a bad-tempered one.
    • He was a good-tempered, polite little boy.
    • She is a lively, good tempered dog and anyone can quickly become fond of her!
    • Known as ‘Soldier’ or ‘Titus’, the cheerful Oates was a quiet, good-tempered individual noted for his laconic wit.
    • He was supposed to be calm, the one who was always good-tempered and understanding.
    • Ramsden is a good-tempered truth-seeker, not a malevolent muckraker.
    • Three months after the death, the family are still struggling to accept that the man they knew as quiet, hard-working and good-tempered had been killed so brutally.
    • ‘She's a lovely, good-tempered cremello filly,’ he said, a hint of pride in his voice.
    • He was always cheerful, optimistic and remarkably good-tempered, and felt that life was to be enjoyed to the full.
    • A generally good-tempered match exploded briefly at the end of the first half with a brawl involving virtually every player on the pitch.
    • But, he was very loving, and hardly got upset, always good-tempered.