Traducción de good morning en Español:

good morning

buenos días, interj.


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    (in greetings)
    buenos días
    buen día Río de la Plata
    • This was said without a good morning, or welcome, and in the tone of voice teachers use for persistently evil children.
    • The maid wished him a good morning, to which he thanked her for breakfast and dismissed her.
    • I did the ‘neighbourly’ thing, wished her good morning and went back up stairs.
    • However, most people shuffle past nowadays without a hello or good morning.
    • He walked into Stein's lounge on Tuesday morning, bidding good morning to everyone who lined his route to the top table.
    • Ever the gentleman Joe offered her his hand as he wished her good morning and helped her down the last flight.
    • Nicky went on his way and I headed in to bid Larry good morning.
    • Steve gave his sister an uneasy look as he muttered a good morning.
    • I would be walking down the corridor and wouldn't even get a good morning.
    • With a spring in her step she bade me good morning.
    • If a fella says good morning to you, say good morning to him.
    • He kissed her good morning, made them each coffee, and recently had started getting the newspaper for them.
    • Jessie scowled at his feet and didn't say good morning back.
    • I'm just going over there to greet a fellow student good morning, that's all.
    • As they pass in the pink-walled lobby, they pause, make eye contact, and wish you good morning like they really mean it.
    • Well, good morning everyone, and good morning to you, Mr Banyard.
    • I said good morning, not knowing who he was, but he introduced himself and we chatted a bit.
    • When you go out there are people of all ages walking the streets, from infants to pensioners, and everyone will either say hello or good morning.
    • Staff who didn't try to be invisible, but instead smiled and nodded good morning as they went about their work.
    • It was Sunday morning and like any Sunday morning Mark or Judy would bounce through the door to wish them good morning.