Traducción de goodly en Español:


importante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɡʊdli//ˈɡʊdli/

adjetivogoodlier, goodliest


  • 1

    (amount/size) importante
    (size/amount) considerable
    • But don't mind that - Helen puts you within 45 minutes of most of the trout in Georgia, and a goodly share of North Carolina's.
    • After all, before fighting games were popular, a goodly portion of arcade games were shooters, racing games, and side-scrolling platformers.
    • For every litre of petrol which pours from the pumps, 62p is levied by the government and that represents a goodly income for the government.
    • Not much seems to have been written about this so far, but look for a goodly amount in the near future, as more people are brought out and the stories they tell become common knowledge.
    • Almost every party game these days comes with a goodly share of surprise gifts that might range all the way from key chains and cuff links, to stationery items and kitchen utensils.
    • Considering that Switzerland spends a goodly span of time every year under snow, Christian Roeschli began to think of warmer climes in which to continue his life.
    • The cousin stated that the hotel was clean and well run, the food excellent, of goodly quantity.
    • From the expression on the faces of many of them I knew some professor had dragged his class down to the museum and a goodly number of the students wanted to be anywhere but looking at old books.
    • This would be about 15 years ago when, in a former life, I was fortunate enough to be spending a goodly number of my working days at the Lake Nona club just outside Orlando in Florida.
    • It may take us a goodly while to get this matter done.
    • My sister's been storing it for me for the past couple of months and she's getting antsy about getting it out of her house - understandable, since it takes up a goodly chunk of space.
    • The movie version of the musical of Little Shop of Horrors was called Little Shop of Horrors, causing a goodly amount of confusion, especially in the home video market.
    • I spent a goodly proportion of this afternoon upstairs at Artichoke, directly under the roof of the building, wrapping prints for the Bath Affordable Art Fair.
    • The holidays were fantastic - catching up with a veritable swag of rellies, opening a goodly haul of pressies and gorging myself on many a big dinner and barbeque meal.
    • The trouble is, if I have an office here, it would save my fledgling business a goodly sum of money, as I'd be able to use the space rent-free, and would only have to pay the cost of materials for refurbishing the office.
    • The brownies vary in size from a few ounces to goodly specimens of 2lb or more.
    • And so it was that our canoe slipped gently from beneath us, but not without first lurching sideways to let a goodly amount of the Wye flood into it such that it sank a foot or two beneath the surface of the river shortly after bidding us adieu.
    • The room was a goodly size, and books filled shelves reaching, in places, from floor to ceiling.
    • A friend of mine has a book which was published commercially in Malaya and which isn't even listed on Amazon, but he has been able to sell a goodly number in his local bookshops, despite that.
    • Following the Great Depression, when huge chunks of the Canadian population - including a goodly number of the formerly rich - were thrown into poverty, we changed our approach to such things.
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    (handsome, pleasing)
    (youth) apuesto literario