Traducción de goodwill en Español:


buena voluntad, n.

Pronunciación /ɡʊdˈwɪl//ɡʊdˈwɪl/


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    buena voluntad femenino
    (mission/gesture) (before noun) conciliador
    • The man himself puts everything down to the co-operation and goodwill of the stars.
    • Hopes that as a gesture of goodwill the building would be given to the community was met with mild amusement.
    • Their position is, as it has been since then, dependent upon the goodwill of the people.
    • Following a complaint from a member of the public, the council has now decided to retract the fines as a goodwill gesture.
    • Then they came back and offered a one per cent rise, which they told us was a gesture of goodwill.
    • Several firms have offered to give gift packs as well, as a gesture of goodwill.
    • It would have been easy to implement, and yet a grand gesture of political goodwill.
    • What was once given as a gesture of goodwill has become a moral obligation.
    • Both he and Sutherland said that some form of goodwill gesture needed to be made to the supporters.
    • There is only so much advice, persuasion and goodwill a friend can give.
    • Even if it is done in the spirit of goodwill and friendship it could be misconstrued.
    • Mr Pitter said the company did so as a goodwill gesture and without pay.
    • Christmas should be a time of peace and goodwill to all, a happy time to share with friends and family.
    • There are no funds for this and the workshops are to be free so the donation of use of the venue would have to be a goodwill gesture.
    • There is a lot of goodwill and support from friends and associates that is encouraging.
    • You are generous and giving as you share goodwill and hospitality with friends and loved ones.
    • Police are joining in the season of goodwill by passing on friendly advice to motorway drivers rather than fining them.
    • The big problem with this life is I'm blatantly dependent on other people's goodwill.
    • A light and playful rather than heavy and serious attitude brings success and goodwill.
    • Whatever the truth, this surely is a case where a gesture of goodwill would have been the appropriate course of action.
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    Comercio Finanzas
    fondo de comercio masculino
    llave femenino Cono Sur
    • This will be relevant if you buy the goodwill of the pub business as well as the building.
    • In some cases, the only chargeable asset to transfer on incorporation is goodwill.
    • Others have sold at a loss, or at a figure which does not reflect the value of the goodwill.
    • In fact I appeared in the subsequent valuation test case which valued that goodwill.
    • This figure took no account of goodwill and thus the ultimate damage to the company could have been greater.