Traducción de goose egg en Español:

goose egg

chichón, n.



  • 1

    chichón masculino coloquial
    • If he puts up another goose egg this season, he could be gone.
    • The current date and time, along with the current month's calendar, are at the top of the screen, and next come summaries of my accounts (none yet) with a big goose egg for my personal worth.
    • Another outstanding year and another goose egg on the Cy Young scoreboard.
    • But the No.31 team didn't win a race this season, and that goose egg has become an increasing source of frustration.
    • For all I know I'll run around making drinks for you all night and at the end you leave me a big goose egg on the tip line.
    • He won two races in '96, laid a goose egg in '97 - his first winless season in 16 years - and squeezed out one victory in '98.
    • At the end of the meeting, Jae had eight points, Korie had six, Erica had three, and Finnegan had a big goose egg next to her name.
    • Not too many teams win in the NFL after putting up goose eggs in the second half.
    • In four other seasons, the figure soared to '1' before receding to the familiar goose egg the next year.
    • Considering we watched him drop two goose eggs in the Euro League Semifinals and Finals, he should be pumped to be back in the League.
    • The 2000 season ended with goose eggs for a number of established major leaguers.
    • He's also racked up three goose eggs and appears to be well on his way to taking the next step in his hockey career.
    • All three major cultivars of lettuce (romaine, iceberg and butter) come up with the big goose egg in the caffeine department.
    • That's two goose eggs in a row, counting the preseason-ending loss to the Raiders.
    • The last goalie to record four straight goose eggs was Montreal's Bill Durnan in 1949.